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First RSS Contest! - Winner: Jennifer!

Congratulations to Jennifer!!!
You won!! ^_^

The subscribe contest is now over. Check this post for current contests!

I'm redoing the RSS contest. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, even if you already entered!

Step 1: Subscribe to this blog. It's easy! Just click this link. ^_^ (NetworkedBlogs and Google Friend Connect count too.)

Step 2: Leave a comment below with your name OR your screenname for one of the game sites I review. Tell me you subscribed!

Step 3: Earn extra entries!
  • Post about the contest on MySpace (limit 1)
  • Post about the contest on Facebook (limit 1)
  • Blog about the contest on your own site! (limit 1, but counts as 10 entries!)
  • Tweet about the contest (limit 5 per day)
Here are a few suggestions for what you could post. You can make your own messages, of course! Just be sure that they include this link so I can track it: http://bit.ly/ad1dv1

Join the contest at Fun Money Games! It's a great site full of info about FREE games with prizes! http://bit.ly/ad1dv1

I joined the contest at Fun Money Games. Have you? http://bit.ly/ad1dv1

If you decide to do extra entries, please post the account names so I can keep track. ^_^ Your comment entry might look something like this:

Subscribed: YES!
Game name: MiraHopes2Win on Slingo
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MiraHope
Twitter: MiraHopes2Win
Blog: http://funmoneygames.blotspot.com


This contest has tiered prizes. This means when more people enter, the prize gets better! All prizes are Slingo themed. Even if you don't play Slingo, it's still something for free!

PLEASE NOTE that subscribers are individual people! It's possible to have a few hundred entries and only have 10 people in the contest. If this confuses you, please post or email me for help!
  • Tier 1 ~ 5-15 Subscribers. Slingo Magnet!
  • Tier 2 ~ 16-30 Subscribers. Slingo Keychain!
  • Tier 3 ~ 31-50 Subscribers. Flashing lights Slingo badge!
  • Tier 4 ~ 51-75 Subscribers. Slingo mousepad! (I was tempted to keep this. *^_^*)
  • Tier 5 ~ 76-100+ Subscribers. Slingo T-shirt!
Here's what the prizes look like! If we go way beyond 100 subscribers I may pull out another prize. ^_^


This contest will run from July 1st through July 31st. On August 1st I'll pick one winner and announce the winner in a new post. Stay subscribed so you don't miss it!

Because I'm not perfect, I reserve the right to adjust anything I deem necessary. This is mainly to keep things fair in case someone finds a loophole. It's also to cover my butt in case I was dumb. *^_^*

If you have any questions, please please PLEASE ask! And if you'd like to donate any prizes for future contests, all of my contact info is to the side in the "Follow Me" block. ^_^

Thank you, and good luck!

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