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Double Trouble - No, not the Olsen twins!

Double Trouble is a game of chance at GSN Oodles. You can play for Oodles three times a day, or practice (no Oodles) as many times as you want!

First you pick whether you want to do 10, 15, or 20 rolls. At any time you can cash out and keep your winnings. I'm not very lucky with this game, so I always pick 10 rolls. *^_^*

Now throw the dice!

Big money! Big money!

Each round you score the face value of the dice. The Joker counts as a one, and the GSN logo counts as a six. You want a few Jokers, but no more than 3!
  • 1 Joker = no bonus
  • 2 Jokers = double points each roll
  • 3 Jokers = triple points each roll
  • 4 Jokers = GAME OVER!
Having two Jokers is pretty nice. ^_^

Huzzah for double scores!

The downside is that you have a chance of rolling double Jokers, which makes for an instant fail


For some reason this seems to happen a lot. =( I hate it.

On the opposite end, if you roll double sixes (the GSN logo) you get 100 Oodles!!!


Whenever you roll doubles you MUST roll again! You can't cash out! And as I woefully discovered, if you roll 3 doubles in a row then it's game over. I guess you really can have too much of a good thing. :(

The only thing that can save you is if you roll doubles on your last turn. There's no forced roll when you're out of turns. ^_^

My luck is pretty sparse, so I always cash out once I get a third Joker. Every time I try to push it just "one more roll," I bust.

Final Rating

Double Trouble at GSN Oodles is an easy, quick game. I like both of those qualities. ^_^ The downside is that you can only play for Oodles 3 times a day. I'd be much happier if it was, oh, 10 times a day. But it's still fun!

3.5 stars for a fun, but no frills game. What would you rate it?

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