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Krazy Keno - Krazy fast!

I like the concept of Keno, but I'm usually not patient enough for a normal game. Luckily for me, Krazy Keno at BugleGames is super fast!


Krazy Keno works like regular Keno, only a LOT faster. You pick 10 numbers on the board and then the computer picks 20 random numbers. The more numbers that match up, the higher your score!

Each bet costs 5 credits. You can bet 1 round at a time, 5 rounds, or 10! I like betting 10 rounds at a time, because I can chat with people in the room as I win. ^_^

How lovely!

Now lemme explain the colors. ^_^
  • Purple = Numbers you picked
  • White = Numbers the computer picked
  • Green = Numbers that you AND the computer picked! These are your wins!
  • Blue = Bonus balls
Every round the computer picks 3 Bonus balls. If they match up with a number that you picked, they turn yellow!

I see one! I see one!!

Bonus balls are AWESOME! They multiply your entire score for that round!
  • 1 Bonus ball = 2x score
  • 2 Bonus balls = 4x score
  • 3 Bonus balls = 16x score!!!
Remember, the bonus only applies if the Bonus ball matches with a number you picked. So far the most I've had match were 2 Bonus balls, but it's fun!! ^_^

The payout *appears* to be a 1 to 1 ratio. (1 credit equals 1 BugleGames token.) After less than 20 minutes of playing I had 50,000 credits. Not bad!

Final Rating

I had a lot of fun with Krazy Keno! ^_^ It was quick, I won often, and I the room was lively. Woohoo!

4 out of 5 stars!

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