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Cupcake Mix – WARNING: Do not play this if you’re hungry!

Cupcake Mix is a brand new match-3 game available at IWON. And every time I play it I seriously want to go make some cupcakes.

level4 Get into mah belly!

At first I thought I’d get bored of a game that was all cupcakes all the time. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking, because I’m definitely not bored. Just hungry. *^_^*

If you’ve never played a match-3 game before, don’t sweat it! It’s really simple. Your goal is to get three identical cupcakes into a line or a column. Once they’re there (and they’re all touching) they’ll vanish, and cupcakes will fall from the top to fill in the gaps.

level1 For example, these 3! It was 4 in a row, but I ate one.

The hitch is that you can only switch cupcakes that are next to each other, AND the switch has to create a cupcake match. It may sound odd but you’ll get the hang of it. ^_^

You start out with five different types of cupcakes, and that’s all that you have for levels 1 & 2. But after that, you get a new cupcake every single level.

Well, I only got to level 7, so I have to assume that you keep getting new cupcakes each level. Even so, by level 7 this little game gets awfully tough. o_O

level7 Don’t care. Still want to eat them.

On the left side it tells you how many moves you have left, which is freakin’ brilliant. ^_^ If you run out of moves the board will shuffle and you can try again.

Before you get too excited, realize that you only get three shuffles! You can click shuffle at any time, but you really want to hold them until you can’t make any moves.

The shuffles are the only special ability you’ll find in Cupcake Mix. You don’t get any special cupcakes for making a match 4+ or anything like that. It’s a pretty basic game.


Tips & Tricks

On levels 1-4, play near the bottom of the screen.


Down here. *Noms a cupcake*

You’ll set off more chain reactions and score more points this way.

Once you get to level 5+, play near the top. At that point you have fewer moves available and you need to play very carefully.

Also, keep in mind that “possible moves” really means “cupcake match.” If it says you have 1 move left then that means there’s one match of cupcakes to clear. But there might be more than one way to remove those cupcakes! Take your time and look. ^_^


Final Rating

Quite to my surprise, I really like the simplicity in Cupcake Mix! At first I thought it was too easy, but it gets challenging VERY quickly! I like that. ^_^ And I almost made it to the high scores!

highscores So close!

If you can’t read that, basically the 10th place all-time high score is 105,400 points, and my all-time personal best is 100,200 points. *Grumbles*

The one thing that irks me is that there’s nothing to tell you how close you are to the next level. >_< It’s a guessing game! I have no idea why they left this out, but it’s really obnoxious.

So! My final rating is 4 stars out of 5. If you haven’t played it yet, go give it a shot and tell me what you would rate it! ^_^

Do you have any other tips you want to share? What’s your favorite match-3 game?


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