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Slingo Daily Challenge: P-p-p-p-power!

Slingo Daily Challenge is a new game at Slingo. It’s a really neat expansion on the classic Slingo game! (Read the guide on Slingo Classic to learn about the coins, Jokers, Cherub, and Devil.)
This is a solo game so you’re not trying to beat anyone else. You have 5 minutes to take your spins and match the numbers! I really love that I don’t have to wait for everyone else to finish each turn. *^_^*
And if you couldn’t guess by the name, each day you’ll get a new challenge score to beat. (Thus the “Daily Challenge” part.) Beat it and you’ll earn 150,000 Slingo coins! If you can’t beat it you’ll get 10,000 coins and a chance to try again.
But what really makes this a fabulous game is the addition of powerups!
Oooooh! Fun!!
Powerups are a common feature in their downloadable games, but this is the first time they’ve been included on a browser-played Slingo game. I like it. ^_^
Each day you get between one and nine powerups. (So far I’ve only seen between 2-6, but I don’t play every single day.) Currently there are ten different powerups and an 11th will be released later this month.
So right now there are a total of 3,628,800 powerup combinations. It would take you 103,680 years to play a different one each day!
In other words, you’re not likely to get bored with this one. ^_^
I have no idea how many total powerups they plan on releasing, but here’s what’s out so far. (The Instant Slingos powerup is new TODAY!)

Most of these are pretty self explanatory, but here’s more info on a few of the trickier ones.


Bounce Slingos

As you know, normally Slingos can only be made when you cover five in a row, column, or diagonal. Getting the Bounce Slingos powerup adds two new patterns to the board!

The first one is very simple.

singlebounceslingop1 It’s smiling at me!

That’s a Slingo! That shape activates four new Slingos on the board. You can also look at it this way, if it helps.

bouncepattern1 Um.. Thanks?

For some reason I have a harder time remembering the second pattern, but it works like this:

sinblebounceslingo Check!

It may look simple, but this this pattern adds sixteen Slingos to the board! If you drew them all out it’d look something like this.

bouncepattern2b o_O Well, that’s… colorful.

If you’re not into planning your Slingos out, just place your Jokers wherever you want and don’t worry about it. ^_^


Devil Protection

This is one of my favorite powerups, mainly because I HATE that darn Devil. >_< But there’s another great reason to have the Cherub save your behind. Sometimes zie’ll double your score!


Whenever you look at the daily scores and wonder how in the heck people got that high, this is the answer. The Cherub saved their behind multiple times, and generously doubled their score in the process!

Keep in mind that Devil Protection doesn’t mean that you’ll get your score doubled every time a Cherub saves you. But it does mean that you won’t lose any points at all to that darn Devil!


Power Shot

This one is awesome. ^_^ When the icon pops up, you can match any number in the column above it. But when you click the number you’re really getting five spots at once! It looks like this:

powershotpattern Nice!

Very handy!


Slingo Vision

This is another of my faves too. (Is there a powerup I dislike? Probably not.)

Slingo Vision automatically highlights available moves, which makes the games SUPER fast. ^_^ I love it.

sligovisionactivated Slingo Vision, activate!


Tips & Tricks

The value of Slingos increases when you have them in succession.

  • 1st Slingo = 1000 points
  • 2nd Slingo = 1500 points
  • 3rd Slingo = 2000 points
  • 4th Slingo = 2500 points
  • 5th Slingo = 3000 points
  • 6th Slingo = I hope you get the idea by now.

When you click SPIN it starts over, so try to plan your Slingos out and get as many as you can in one turn!

Since the game changes every day, that’s really the only tip I’ve figured out so far! *^_^*


Final Rating

I really enjoy the variety in the Slingo Daily Challenge, and I look forward to seeing future powerups! The challenge score is also pretty neat, but it’s frustrating when the only way you can get it is to have the Cherub save your behind AND double your score. I’m not usually that lucky. :(

Other than that little bit, it’s a fantastic game! ^_^ I rate it 4.5 stars out of 5. What would you rate it? Do you have a favorite powerup? Least favorite?


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