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Olympics – Super-complicated-slots, activate! (Part 1)

Olympics is a slot game at Playtopia. Heavens above, this is THE most complicated slots game that I’ve ever played. And I’ve played a lot of slots!

Take a look! This is the main screen in Olympics.

olympicboard Holy frijoles… and a side of beans. o_O

There is a LOT going on, and it can be a little overwhelming at first. So, today we’re going to focus on the different sections in Olympics. The next post will be about the various and sundry minigames you can play.  Enjoy!


Breaking Down the Board

Here’s everything divided into solid color sections. I assume you know what slot wheels look like, so I left those uncovered. ^_^

simplified board Ooooh! It’s like a jigsaw puzzle!

Yup, each section does something different. This is a very busy game!


Section 1: Jackpot

Every now and then you’ll win something like “60 Jackpot games.” And then you’ll see this:

jackpotgame A jackpot? For me?? You shouldn’t have!

What happens now is that you’ll spin the slots until you get a BAR on the middle line. Once this happens the Jackpot section will start “flashing” through the prizes, which are 2200, 1600, 2400, 1800, 2000 credits or a Bonus Spin. You win whatever the flash stops on. In the picture above I won 2200 tokens. Woot! ^_^

After this win you start going through your “games.” One spin of the slot wheels = 1 JP game. Whenever you get a BAR on the middle line you’ll flash through the prizes again.

This keeps going on until you’re out of spins. From what I can tell, 60 is the max number of JP spins you can win.

What happens if you land on Bonus Spin? Well, if you play Playtopia at all, this will look very familiar.

bonusspin Bonus!!

The Bonus Spin has several prizes ranging from 500 tokens to 5000. Oh! and one of the prizes is listed as “Bank.” If you get this one, you win ALL of the tokens listed under the Jackpot!

bank Ooooh! I’d like that!

Getting a Bonus Spin is pretty rare in the first place, so if you manage to win the bank too, dance for joy!


Section 2: Ladders to Greatness

I have no idea what the actual term for this section is, but “Ladders to Greatness” works for me.

section2 Whatever floats yer boat.

The three sections have their own names: Bonus, Extra, and Super. But how do you get there? Well, in several Olympics’ minigames you’ll see a prize simply listed as Bonus, Extra, or Super.

Yes, the two are connected. ^_^ Let’s say you win a Bonus. The green section will “flash” through the listed prizes and eventually stop on one. That’s your prize!

However, at the very top of the Bonus (above the 600) there are three arrows pointing to the right. If the flash stops on that, then you’ll move to the Extra section! Once again, a “flash” will run through the prizes and stop at your prize. There are three arrows here too, and if it stops on that, you get the Super section.

The top prize here is a Bonus Spin, but it’s hard to get! (Yes, it’s the same Bonus Spin that’s used in the Jackpot game.) You can’t cycle back to the Bonus section, so enjoy your prize!


Section 3: Line Collector

This one took me a little while to figure out.

section3 linecollector How does it work?

Line Collector is basically a minigame that runs in the background, so you really don’t need to worry about it.

Zoom in on the slot wheels and I’ll tell ya how it works.

    linecollectorspin Okay. I zoomed.

See how there are green arrows in the first slot wheel? And see how there are dice in the second slot wheel? Well, when there’s an up arrow paired with a 1 die, the line collector fills the gauge to that spot. To move it higher you’ll have to pair an up arrow with a 2 die.

line collector gaugeAnd so on.

It has to be done in order, so you can’t skip straight to #6 or anything like that. BUT, once the gauge fills up, the 3 lines bank will increase by 1.

The bank holds up to 20 lines. To get them you have to win the 3 Lines prize. (This lets you play three lines on the slot wheels instead of just one line.) The 3 Lines prize is available on just a few games, but it’s AWESOME when you have it! ^_^

Don’t worry about trying to fill the line collector. Just let it run in the background and enjoy the extra lines when you win them!


Section 4: Red Shopping List

Once again, this isn’t the official name. But it works for me.

section4 shopping list Uh-huh.

This is another minigame that runs in the background. You start at the very bottom of the list and you have to get each item in order to move to the next row.

Now you may have noticed that there are three columns in the red shopping list. This mirrors the three slot wheels! So, for example, an item in the first column can only be crossed off the list if it’s found in the first slot wheel.

3 rows red list Sorry for the blur.

In the above picture, I’ll need to find a medal in the 2nd slot wheel and a BAR in the 3rd. Only then can I move up to the next row!

Although you can only work on one row at a time, the items don’t have to be found in order. I could get a BAR before the medal and that would be fine.

Once you finish the list you’ll win a Direct Nudge minigame. This will be explained a little later. Sorry! *^_^*

After you finish you’ll get a new shopping list to work on. Woohoo!! There really isn’t a strategy to finishing the red list, so spin and don’t worry about it!


Section 5: Flash Game

No, you don’t need to call the police to report indecent exposure. :P

section5 flash game Whew! I was worried for a moment!

The Flash Game is a reward, much like the Ladders to Greatness. (You know, section 2!) When you win it, the game “flashes” through each of the prizes listed. The list never changes, and the prizes vary from 50 rounds of 3 Lines to a 4 Nudge game.


Section 6: Main Screen

Most of the time you’ll see just the default screen here. It looks like this!

section6 Ummm… Kay?

Yeah, not terribly interesting. It’s a list of minigames that you can play. Olympics divides this section into “Left Flash” and “Right Flash.” (They seem to REALLY like that word.)

If you spin 3 soccer balls, 3 trophies, or 3 trophy stands, you’ll trigger the Left Flash. Spin 3 sevens or 3 BARs and you’ll get the Right Flash.

Whichever one you get, the game will “flash” through the items in that section. Whatever it stops on is what you get! (Landing on “Next Flash” means you get to “flash” through the games in the right-hand section.)

Most of the prizes are minigames which will be covered later. However! It’s important to note that pretty much all of the minigames take place on the main screen. The categories you see now will vanish, and the minigame pops up in its place.

Think of it like a tv screen. ^_^


Section 7: Stats Bar

Directly above the Main Screen is a tiny bar. You may have to squint to see it.

section7*Squint* I see it!

This little bar often holds a lot of information. When it gets full it will scroll across, which is always fun to try and read. >_<

Anywho! At its most basic, the stats bar lists how many nudges you have saved and how many credits (game tokens) you’ve won.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Olympics has a TON of minigames. Often you win more minigames through minigames, so it becomes an odd (but entertaining) cycle. ^_^ Well, any time you win a minigame that you can’t play yet, the Stats Bar will say something like “S  Jackpot Game” before it goes back to its regular routine. This just means that whenever you get finished with your current minigame, you’ll move on to the Jackpot Game.

But until then, right after the “Nudge Saved” it will say “Game Saved 1.” I’m playing Olympics as I write, and right now I see “Game Saved 4.”

Ooooh! And I just won 2000 credits in the Super section. Sweet!!


At any rate, the stats bar can be quite useful. If you’re lucky enough to win 3 Lines, it will also tell you how many spins you have left of them. “3 Line Game – 44” means you have 44 spins left with the 3 line bonus.


Section 8: Magenta Shopping List

This is totally different from the Red Shopping List, and I personally think it’s more fun too.

section 8 magenta shopping list Come on, Bar Bar Bar!

There are a total of 14 items on the list, and you can only check one off after you finish the previous item. Often you need to get that item multiple times, such as five #5 dice. Generally you only need to get minigames once.

You actually can use a bit of strategy with the Magenta Shopping List. Every now and then you get to pick which minigame you play, so always check to see if one of the games is an “item” that you currently need!

When you finish all 14 items, you trigger the Extra Spin. This is like the Bonus Spin, only with bigger prizes!! This time they range from 2500-50000 credits! o_O And of course, the Bank is also listed as a prize.

Completing the Magenta Shopping List is the only way to earn the Extra Spin. Enjoy it!

Once you get your prize the list resets and you start back at item #1.


Section 9: The Blue Wonder

I’ll admit it. This one is kinda weird.

section9 Ooooh! Glowing ping-pong balls!

When you spin 3 torches or stopwatches, in addition to the credits you’ll get.. a glowing ping-pong ball. If you spin 3 medals then you get two glowing ping-pong balls.

bluewonder Shiny!

See that track that curves around the bottom of section 6? (The Main Screen.) Well, the ping-pong balls are dropped in there one at a time. The ball will “flash” along the track until it eventually stops.

Now here’s the weird part: Unless the ping-pong ball lands on the very last spot in the track, nothing will happen. Really!

The very last spot says “Flash!” underneath, and it will trigger the Flash Game in section 5. (I told you this is a complicated slots game!)

All of the other spots? They’re just filler. On the upside, with more spots in the track filled, you have better odds of getting the Flash Game. But it can take a LONG time to fill the track.

Oh, and sometimes you might get the Flash Game on your first ping-pong ball. That’s always nice. ^_^


Section 10: Weight Lift

Fruit is good for your body! And that’s the only way you’ll trigger the Weight Lift minigame too.

section10 weight lift


Whenever you spin 3 watermelons, 3 lemons, or 3 cherries, you get a green ping-pong ball. This goes into a notch by the fruit, so you can keep track of how many ping-pong balls you have.

weightlift A little weird, but okay.

In order to trigger Weight Lift you have to fill one of the lines by the fruit, and then get one more 3 of a kind. So you need to get 3 watermelons four times, 3 lemons four times, or 3 cherries five times.

Got that? ^_^

As soon as you trigger Weight Lift, Olympics will “flash” through all of the prizes in the body. (See? It’s in the shape of a weight lifter!) Whatever it stops on is your prize!

After that you have five more spins to try and get an item in the 3rd slot wheel that has a barbell on it. If you get one you’ll “flash” through the weight lifter’s body again, and the little gauge with barbells will go up one mark.

When the gauge fills up, the prize column to the right will “flash.” (The top prize is SuperGame.) Luckily, the gauge level is saved between rounds.


That covers the various sections in Olympics. The next post will cover the minigames and extra features. Oi!


Update: Part 2 is finally up! Read more about the most complicated slots game I’ve ever seen. (Olympics part 2)


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