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SwapIt – Winter edition!

winterswapit Brrrr!!

SwapIt is a match-3 game available at GSN Oodles. Right now it’s winterized and instead of gems there are ice skates, cups of hot cocoa, fuzzy hats, and more! It’s pretty darn cute.

level1 And festive!

This is a timed game with only two levels. In order to reach level 2 you MUST fill the goal bar! And you have only one minute to do it. ^_^

goal I want lollipops!

It’s a little weird to see the time gauge go down as the goal fills up. It… Wait, what was that about lollipops?

lollipopThey look like lollipops! Seeeeee?! ^_^

Um.. okay. o_O

Moving on! The second level is also one minute long, so this is definitely a quick game! (Two minutes at the longest.)

level2 *Sips a cup of hot cocoa*

If you fill the Goal bar before time runs out, you’ll get an extra point bonus. The bonus is based on how much time was left, so be quick!


Tips & Tricks

With most match-3 games it’s advisable to play near the top to prolong the game. SwapIt is a different story! Since you have such a short amount of time, you want to maximize the number of chains (successive matches) that you make. To do this, just play near the bottom of the board! If you get stuck you can hit “Help” and it’ll highlight a match.

SwapIt also has an AWESOME feature that I wish more match-3 games had. The board automatically shuffles a few pieces if you run out of moves! It happens incredibly fast, so you might not even notice unless you play close attention.


Final Rating

Generally I prefer this type of game to be untimed, but for some reason I REALLY like the short SwapIt rounds! *^_^* I don’t feel pressured or frustrated if I don’t make it to level 2. It’s just fun!

I’ll rate this one 4.5 stars out of 5. What would you rate it? Do you prefer timed or untimed match-3 games?


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