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In Spigo-land…

First off, Spigo has a new scratchcard for the holidays! It’s like an advent calendar and you scratch off one “door” each day, up until December 24th. You can visit it every day or wait until the 24th and scratch them all off. No penalty!

The top prize is $300! That would make for a NICE holiday bonus, don’t you think? ^_^

Spigo also added a new game to their catalog. It’s called Crossword, and there’s one new puzzle a week. It’s pretty hard!

Oh! Oh! *Jumps up and down* I almost forgot! Spigo now has an AVATAR system!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!

There aren’t a lot of options to it right now, but it’s a blessing for non-gold members. No more blank faces!


In IWON-ville…

Next, IWON has re-entered the world of Twitter! After being inactive since January, @IWON_Team started chatting again in mid November! Yes, it took me over two weeks to notice. Shush! *^_^*

They also redid the site layout. It looks a lot cleaner, and I don’t feel quite so hammered with ads!

iwon layout Looks sharp!


At Free2WinGames…

December is a month full of celebration for many people. I love to make people smile and feel happy, so… For the month of December, P4P members will earn double points for inviting a friend! If they stick around that means you’ll get 300 points!! (Max of 1,780 pts for the month.)

To qualify, first have your friend register with Disqus. It will take only a minute or two. ^_^ (If they already have an account then they can use that.) Once that’s done, both of you should post in an open discussion thread. There’s a new one each week, so you don’t have to look far!

If your friend makes 25 non-spam comments in a month, you’ll get 300 points! And since I’m feeling generous, if your friend signs up for P4P too, I’ll award hir 100 points too!

These bonuses only apply for December, so get going!

Oh, and I promise I’ll finish the Olympics guide. I’m just annoyed at it right now. *^_^*


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