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December P4P Prizes

When I was first pondering how to make Points4Prizes work, I only thought about prizes related to game sites. Then all of a sudden I realized that there wasn’t a reason to limit the prizes like that! Anything that I thought was cool could be a prize!
So, this month we have an AWESOME prize from a new sponsor! It’s made by Mei, the owner of TinyHands jewelry.
She makes wearable food miniatures that (get this) smell like food! I’ve always thought that perfume should smell like donuts, so I tend to think this is fantastically cool. ^_^ (In fact, I ordered two of her miniatures for holiday gifts!)
This is the first “big” prize for P4P, and hopefully the future will include various and equally wonderful prizes for you to choose from! For now, here are the prizes for December. Happy holidays! ^_^
Prize Cost # Left Sponsored By
Cherry Chocolate Truffle Ring (Adjustable ring & it’s scented!!)
20,000 pts 1 TinyHands
4,000 pts 5 Mira
Slingo Light-up Pin 3,000 pts 2 Slingo
Slingo Keychain 2,000 pts 2 Slingo 
Winster Day Pass 1,000 pts 5 Mira
In case you forgot, here’s what each column means.
  • Prize – What it is!
  • Cost – How many points you need to have in order to “purchase” the prize. The cost is deducted from your point total and you’ll keep whatever is left over.
  • # Left – At the start of each month a new prize table will go up. The number available is for that month only! The next month may have a different amount, or the prize might be pulled completely! You never know when something will vanish or when it will return.
  • Sponsored By – Whoever is paying for the prize gets the credit. All sponsors will get a link back whenever possible. (If anyone wants to sponsor an etsy prize, this could be a great advertisement!)

There are a few limitations in picking a prize. Please read carefully!

  1. You can claim only one prize a month. (This might change later.)
  2. Because physical prizes include things like postage and shipping, virtual prizes will always be cheaper. 
  3. For right now, physical prizes are available to the USA only. Darn that pesky postage!

To claim a prize just fill out this form. The # Left will be updated after each verified claim. I’ll aim to award virtual prizes once a week, but physical prizes will be sent out at the start of the next month.

If you’d like to sponsor a prize, click the Opportunities link and tell me all about it!

Want to sign up for Points4Prizes? Here are the ground rules & registration form.

Not sure how to earn points? Here’s how to earn points in P4P. Don’t forget that each week there are new bonuses and weekly challenges!


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