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A Glorious World – Bouncy bouncy bouncy!

Did you know that I collect bouncy balls? I do. ^_^ That one reason why I like A Glorious World! It’s a pinball-like game available at Playtopia, but the balls bounce around like rubber!

main menu for A Glorious WorldThe story is that Gloria, an angel, has had so much fun throwing balls at pins that she lost her wings and her halo! You can help her get her halo (and wings) back by playing the game with her. ^_^

easy pattern for A Glorious World Ooooohhh!

The tutorial is very good and worth going through. But here are the basics: You launch red rubber balls from this thing.

launching pad Uh… how?

It works like a slingshot. ^_^ You click on the circle and drag in the opposite direction of where you want the ball to go.

ready to fire! Umm. Okay?

In the above picture I dragged my cursor to the right, and the ball will fire to the left. Watch the directional arrows if you get confused.

Once you let go the ball will bounce around the board and hopefully hit some pins. Your goal is to to clear the board of all the colored pins. (The tiny grey ones add to your score, but you don’t have to remove them to finish the level.)

  • Yellow pins – Vanish with one hit.
  • Red pins – Needs two hits to vanish.
  • Green pins – You have only a few seconds to hit ALL of the green pins on the board. They’ll vanish as a group once each pin has been hit.
  • Purple pins – A group of purple pins orbit clockwise around a central purple pin. You can’t remove the center pin until the orbiting pins are removed.
  • Blue pins – Ugh. >_< These have 3 different colors, and each time it’s hit it will change colors. When all of the blue pins are the same color they’ll vanish as a group. These are the most annoying pins ever.
  • Locked pins – These are yellow with a keyhole on them. ONLY yellow “lock” balls affect them.

Whenever you clear a group of the same-color pins, you get +5 balls! There’s a checklist in the bottom left corner if you need help keeping everything straight.

level checklistIn this case the board only had three different pin colors. And the thing on the bottom? That’s what your reward will be if you finish the board! You can get letters, (spell S-P-I-N for a jackpot spin), 5 or 10 extra balls, 50-100 tokens, or a halo! Collect seven halos to enter the bonus round. ^_^

There are a total of seven different areas to unlock. Each area has unique pin patterns to conquer.

area six in A Glorious World Stars!

Some areas have obstacles that you’ll have to shoot around. It can be tricky!

area 2 in A Glorious World Floating boulders are such a burden.

In “normal” mode you start with 30 balls, and you keep any extras from each round. In “expert” mode you start with 15 balls each round, and it resets back to 15 after each board. Eek!!

There’s also a highscores mode where you can pick which board you want to play. Right now I can look at it, but I can’t play anything. Not sure how to unlock it just yet. ^_^


Bonus Round

The point of the entire game is to collect halos. Once you have seven of them you’ll unlock the pearly gates!

bonus level Simply divine!

In the bonus round each pin is worth a LOT. The downside is that you use the halos to throw at the pins, so you only have 7 shots!!

throwing halos Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. Keep them halos rollin’!

I must admit, throwing the halos is pretty cute, AND fits into the story quite well. ^_^ Gloria is so addicted to this game that she’ll lose her halo and wings over and over again just so she can play!

If by some miracle you manage to clear all of the pins in 7 shots, you’ll win 100,000 tokens!!

I haven’t found anyone yet who’s done it, so good luck to you. ^_^ You’ll probably grab around 10,000 tokens in the bonus round, and that’s not too bad either!


Diary Pages

Gloria has 10 pages in her diary, and each one can only be unlocked after you reach specific goals. Once you unlock them the bonus sticks around forever!

Page 1. Finish training - Unlocks diary

Gloria's diary

Dear Diary – Today I became a fallen angel!

Page 2. Reach round 5 - Unlocks world map

area map Okay, take a left at the giant tree..

Page 3. Finish a level in under 40 seconds - Gain ability to launch 4 balls in a row

4 bouncing balls at once Those are the things in the neon-green circles.

Page 4. Finish a level in under 25 seconds - Increased chance to launch a “special” ball. (Special balls are unlocked in other pages.)

Page 5. Hit at least 25 pins in one shot – Unlocks the “Bingo Ball.” When a ball appears with a number on it,  you need to make that ball remove exactly that many pins. If you do that you’ll get a reward of 1,000 tokens!

bingo ball Bingo!

Page 6. Hit at least 35 pins in one shot – Reward unknown

Page 7. Use 5000 balls total - Cow ball will randomly appear. Gives you extra tokens per pin.

Cow ball. Really! Moo!?

Page 8. Complete a bonus round in heaven – Get the Last Chance slot machine! When you run out of balls you have 10 spins to try and get more!

Last Chance slot game Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

Page 9. Reach round 75 – Reward unknown

Page 10. Save up 100 balls – Reward unknown

If you know what the rewards are for pages 6, 9, and 10, please tell me. ^_^



In addition to unlocking special abilities in the diary, A Glorious World also has four medals to earn! Each one has a reward in tokens, and you can earn each medal only once.

  • Basic Glorious World – Use 500 balls and complete 25 rounds to earn 10,000 tokens.
  • Expert Glorious World – Use 2500 balls, complete 50 rounds, and win 2 gold trophies for 25,000 tokens.
  • Heavenly – Use 10,000 balls, complete 150 rounds, win 10 gold trophies, and reach level 50 in a normal game for 100,000 tokens.
  • Halleluja – Use 50,000 balls, complete 1,000 rounds, earn 50 gold trophies, reach round 100 in a normal game and round 50 in an expert game for 250,000 tokens!!

I love having a good challenge to work on. ^_^ Here’s my progress so far.

A Glorious World medals Nice!

If I was on Playtopia I could mouse over the incomplete medals to see a little checklist of what I still need to do.

medal progress Like this?

Yeah. Like that. ^_^


Tips & Tricks

1. Aim for the pins at the top and work your way down. By the time you clear the top pins you’ll probably have most of the pins on the lower levels already taken care of.

2. It’s REALLY fun to pull back the slingshot as far as it will go. Everything bounces around and it’s wild. ^_^ Unfortunately, it’s not terribly effective. (Drat.)

When you use less force the ball will usually stay in a smaller area. Most pins are grouped together, so this is a good thing. Generally you only need to use full force for pins that are extremely far away.

3. Good news! When you lose a game you get to keep any halos that you scored! As long as you keep the game window open, the halos will stick around.

4. There are at least 2 rounds where you’re really playing pachinko. The “lock” pins are nestled closely together, and the regular pins are below (or buried in) them. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a few “key” balls to clear the mess. But more than likely you’ll have to gently drop the balls between the pins, and hope they hit the right ones. Once the regular pins are gone you’ll get all “key” balls and it’s pretty easy from there.

You’ll need a lot of patience here. Take breaks if you need to. And expect to lose a LOT of bouncy balls on those blasted boards. >_<

5. The one exception to my “work from the top down” rule is the blue pins. If I see that 3 out of 4 are the same color already, I’ll go ahead and try to make the 4th one match up. Sometimes you get lucky and the random bouncing takes care of them for you. Other times you may waste 10-20 bouncy balls on those darn pins!


Final Rating

When I first started playing A Glorious World, I ended up staying WAY too late. *^_^* It just was too fun!! Bouncy balls flying everywhere, pretty colorful pins to collect, and an adorable angel cheering me on! Weeeee!!!!!

Then I got to the pachinko levels, and my joy died. The majority of this game depends on skill and finesse. Relying on plain luck (and having it fail repeatedly) isn’t very fun.

Luckily, those boards are pretty rare, so I’d say this is still a good 4 out of 5. ^_^ Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


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