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Turnstile - You spin me right round baby, right round

Turnstile is another great game brought to you by iWon! It's a click-3-make'em-vanish type game, but with a few interesting twists.

The story is that you work at a subway station sorting tokens. Whenever you see a group of 3 (or more) of the same color tokens together, click them! New tokens come in from the top and tumble down. The tokens are round, so sometimes they tumble in odd ways.

Oh! Did I mention that the board turns 60 degrees every few seconds?

Say what?

Yup! The board is constantly in motion. ^_^ And whenever you remove a group of tokens, the rest fall in to fill the void.

Fall! Fall into the void!!

On each new level the board turns faster and the tokens fall quicker. Until eventually....

Game over?? Blast!

My high score is 55,420! But uh, to get the trophy for this game, you need a score of 100,000. I'll be working on that one for a while. *^_^*


Unlike most click-3-make'em-vanish games, Turnstile doesn't award bonus points for larger matches. It's 10 points per token, no matter if you match three (30 points) or eight tokens (80 points). However! There is a multiplier that affects each level.
  • Levels 1-2 = Each token is 10 points.
  • Levels 3-4 = 2x. Each token is 20 points.
  • Levels 5-6 = 3x. Each token is 30 points.
  • Levels 7-8 = 4x. Each token is 40 points.
  • Levels 9-10 = 5x. Each token is 50 points!
I didn't get beyond level 9, so I can only assume that the score keeps multiplying the same way. If anyone gets beyond 10, please tell me! ^_^

You also gain points for each empty space left in the turnstile at the end of a level. 


I don't *think* the free space has a point multiplier, but it's really hard to tell.

You'll get 1/10th of your score in iWon coins. This means a score of 20,000 is worth 2,000 coins. Not bad! Turnstile also has a progressive jackpot, with a max pot of $2,000! I usually get 2-3 jackpot spins per game.

The odds that you will win the jackpot in Turnstile are "no worse" than 1 in 1,000,000.
The odds that you will meet a vampire in real life are zero.

Had to get a little Twilight in there. ^_~

Tips & Tricks

1. Work from the top down. When you pull something out of the middle all of the tokens shift and you will lose some matches.

2. If you see a big match anywhere on the board, click it fast! You don't get bonus points for bigger matches, but they DO save time. It's a lot quicker to click one match of 9 than to find three matches of 3.

3. There are five nubs around the board. They light up one at a time to give you an idea of when the board is about to turn. The nub at the 10 o'clock position is the last one to light before the turn. Watch for it. ^_^ Also, when all of the nubs start flashing it means that the level is about to end. Make your matches fast!

4. Some of the token colors blur together, like the tan and gold tokens. (I also have trouble with the pink and red ones.) Instead of squinting at the board to see if you have a match of 3 gold, focus on the other colors. Eventually you'll have large groups of golds and tans that are easier to see. Or click randomly. That works too. ^_^

An example of tan and gold tokens on the same board.

Final Rating

Turnstile is a challenging game. I actually like that the trophy is hard to get. It gives me a reason to keep coming back. ^_^

There is one thing that really annoyed me though. The little "bubbles" that tell you how much you scored get in the way. A LOT. It's not a big deal in the early levels, since the board is rarely more than half-full. But starting around level 4 the bubbless become a severe distraction. They cover up the tokens and overall are just annoying.

3.5 stars out of 5. I want to give it a 4, but man.. I really hate those bubbles!

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