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Friday Fansite Feature - Badge Hunters

Pogo is the biggest free-to-play site with prizes that I've found so far. This is great for Pogo! But the downside is that it can be hard for people to connect with each other on a big site.

This is why fansites are great. ^_^ Pogo has quite a few, but today I'd like to introduce you to Badge Hunters! They're an organized, fun loving group that just want to help people get the most out of Pogo. But I'll confess, the part that really grabbed my attention is that they have their own Badges!

You see, Pogo club members have oodles of Badges (trophies) to work toward. Some are available all the time, and some are open just for a week. But free players at Pogos, well, we don't get no stinkin' badges. =( Which is why I really, really, REALLY like that Badge Hunters create their own challenges and have their own badge albums! It means that free players have something to work for too!

Now, some of the challenges are for member games, so you won't be able to do *all* of them. But it's definitely worth checking out!

In the massive Badge Hunters forum, you'll also find guides for almost every Pogo game. These guides are really good. ^_^ I've already learned quite a bit from them!

And in case you're worried about it being All Pogo All the Time, they have several areas just to chill and talk about whatever. ^_^ They're also active on Facebook and Twitter!

Stop by Badge Hunters and tell'em that Mira sent ya!

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