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Mega Slots - Oooohh... Spinny!

Mega Slots at Slingo is a pretty basic slots game. Three spinning wheels, one line to bet, and a max bet of 3 credits per spin.

I'm game!

Each game you have 100 credits and 50 spins to score as high as you can. Since you aren't betting Slingo coins there's no reason not to click BET MAX each spin. ^_^

Ordinarily this is my least favorite type of slots. With only one line you have few chances to win, and it's just not very exciting.

Slingo addresses the potential boredom issue with two minigames in Mega Slots! If you get the Slingo logo anywhere on the line then you get to spin the Slingo Wheel!


Prizes range from 150 credits to 15,000! I usually get the Slingo Wheel at least a few times in each game. But the downside is that what you get is completely random. No user input required!

The second minigame lets you do more. ^_^ If you get a Cherub and a Coin (or 2 Cherubs or 2 Coins) then the Bonus Game pops up! In this minigame you have 15 numbers in front of you. You can pick up to 4 numbers, and each number has a different prize behind it. The credit prizes are listed on the left, with 5,000 credits as the biggest prize!

5000! Woot!

When you pick a number, you have to decide whether you want to keep the prize or try for something better. There is only one of each prize on the board, so if you find the 5,000 credit prize, take it!!

After all 50 spins are up, the credits are converted to Slingo coins and you get a brief commercial break before the game starts again. They are quite generous with the coins!


That's 7 times your score in coins! And of course, with REALLY good games that makes the payout just shy of insane.

Holy shmokes!!!

Of course, that was a REALLY good game. I got 15,000 credits from the Slingo Wheel! Twice! And I got 5,000 credits from the Bonus Game. Twice! ^_^

All in all, I was quite happy!

Final Rating

After immersing myself in thinking games this week, Mega Slots was a relief. Sometimes it's nice to play a game that requires so little thought. And this is a very, very good game to play when your brain is fried. *^_^*

Still, I have to admit that it's a very basic slots game. The minigames add a little pizazz, but not enough to make me go WOW.

I rate this 3.5 stars out of 5.

Give it a shot and tell me what you think! ^_^

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