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MetroMatch - Speedy tourism ahoy!

MetroMatch is an iWon matching game that is fast to play and is incredibly generous with coins.

Not bad for less than 5 minutes!

It has three rounds and with each round you get more cards to flip and match up. First you start with 1 minute in Paris.


Then you have 2 minutes for London.


And lastly you have two minutes in New York.

I wanna see a musical!

No, I don't usually flip random tiles. I was trying to get a good picture for the blog. Which brings me to a few things.
  1. This game flips tiles INCREDIBLY fast! Do not blink while clicking. You *will* miss what you flipped over.
  2. There is no penalty (that I saw) for flipping tiles over and over. But you do get a bonus based on how much time is left, so try to be quick.
  3. You lose 25 points for every tile that is left on the board when the timer runs out. Ouch!
I'm not an expert at these games, but here's what works for me. I start at the top row and work my way across. I may have to go back and click things several times, but at least I have a rough idea of where a specific tile is on the board.

iWon's MetroMatch is a Progressive Jackpot game with a max pot of $2,000. I usually ended up with 10 spins after each game.

Reality Check:
The odds of winning the Jackpot in MetroMatch are "no worse" than 1 in 20,000,000.
The odds of getting Leprosy (in the US) are 1 in 2,930,000.

Fun factoid, eh?

Okay, so it's actually kinda depressing. I'll get a better one next time.

Final Rating:
4 out of 5 stars. Three rounds is just long enough to keep me entertained, but short enough so that I don't get bored. ^_^

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