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News: New Slingo chat feature & the Slingo Daily Challenge gets an upgrade!


Slingo has had a rank system for some time now, and they’re really trying to draw more attention to it. One thing that they recently did is add rankings to chat!

ranksinchat It’s in the upper left corner, in the red box.

Now you can see what everyone else’s rank is, which I think is kinda fun. ^_^ And it really makes me want to increase my rank! Right now there isn’t any bonus for achieving any specific rank, but yeah, I dig bragging rights.

Not sure how to increase your rank? Check the rank breakdown for full details, but basically you earn points for making friends, playing games, and entering tournaments. In other words, you increase your rank by being active and getting involved with the community. Not a bad thing!

The Slingo Daily Challenge recently got another powerup, which means I need to go update the guide again. *Facepalm*

The new powerup lets you get extra spins, so you can go beyond the normal 20!! Woot!

Also, they added a leaderboard to show you how you compare with your friends for that day’s challenge.

slingodailychallengeupdate 11th place? Pfft.

I like it, but I kinda miss having the option to chat with other people who are playing. Slingo Daily Challenge has never had that option, but I still would like it.

And that’s the latest and greatest from Slingo! They’re getting pretty active on their blog, so be sure to check it now and then to catch any news that I may have missed.

What do you think of ranks being included in chat now? Do you like the leaderboard in the Slingo Daily Challenge?


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