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The February Well Wishes Wall – Updated 2/6

stainedglassheartArtwork by DesignsStainedGlass 

Welcome to the 2nd installment of the Well Wishes Wall! This is primarily for Gamesville players, but anyone can contribute and comment! Really!

The Wall is divided into three sections:

  • Well Wishes – These are folks who are going through a tough time and could use some encouragement.
  • Celebrations – Happy things! Birth announcements, weddings, whatever you want to celebrate!
  • Recent Winners – These are some of the recent big winners at Gamesville! (Conspiracy theories and claims that “It’s rigged” are not welcome here, and will be removed. Remember, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!)


Well Wishes

If you have medical issues or upcoming surgery that concerns you, just leave a comment and I’ll add you to this list. Don’t forget to come back to read the well wishes people have left for you!

This isn’t limited to medical stuff, of course! Anything you need encouragement on (and feel comfortable sharing), from needing to pass a science test to working through a tough divorce, all of it is welcomed here.

You may also leave a comment to share a problem that someone else is having. But before you do so, PLEASE make sure they don’t mind their problem becoming common knowledge! Bob might not want everyone to know about his vasectomy. ^_~

  • Ashleyrose10 was diagnosed with cancer on Jan 26th
  • reeree.loco is also fighting cancer
  • Fifthcherokee has passed away. :(
  • A blogger friend of mine, Jolie Roux, is currently fighting leukemia. If you leave a comment here she won’t see it, but I know she would LOVE any supportive comments left on her blog. (Link opens a new window.)



Got some great news that you can’t wait to share? Leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list! Birthdays, wedding announcements, and new family members are all things to celebrate!

And in case you were wondering, announcements of new furbabies are equally welcomed. Pictures too! ^_^ 


Recent Winners

I’ll post the recent big winners that Gamesville mentions on their blog, but you’re free to share your wins too! Even if it’s $2! ^_^

Some of the recent winners are:

  • herringtop143
  • lovewinning
  • tipsytpot (cute name!)
  • Dotd995
  • crazymommyok
  • Caps9452
  • hootnme
  • tahoejana

Congrats!! ^_^

Fair warning: Any comments that are spiteful and/or mean will be removed. It is standard policy at Free2WinGames.com that insulting people is never acceptable! Offending comments will be removed. Be nice!

Oh, and if you just want to chat with your friends, please head to the latest Open Discussion thread! I’d like to keep the Well Wishes Wall for encouragement and support. Thank you! ^_^


The lists are updated once a week, and a NEW Well Wishes Wall is posted once a month.

Much thanks goes to Rhonda (u-feel-me) for sparking this idea!


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