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Open Discussion – Whose life have you had the greatest impact on?

man standing in a ray of light in a forest photo by Mark Gommel

I’m really curious whether any of you can answer this one. I know I can’t! *^_^* It’s not that I don’t think I’ve had an impact on anyone, it’s just that I believe we can’t see the depth of our impact on the world. Many, many things that seem insignificant often turn out to be life changing events.

Want an example? Okay, I can do that. ^_^

When I was a Junior in college, my roomie introduced me to a game called Neopets. It’s a kids’ game, but they have guilds where people can talk and hang out. I was part of one guild that split, and I joined the new guild. I became close friends with the guild leader, who happened to live in Hawaii. (So in other words, we never met in person.)

In my Senior year I was having relationship issues </understatement> and my guild-leader-friend introduced me to one of her friends on Neopets. Well, this guy and I started talking, and he seemed pretty awesome. ^_^ After a lot more talking, we realized that we were only about a 30 minute drive apart.

We met, hit it off, and eventually got married!

If any part of that chain hadn’t occurred, then I probably would have never met my now-husband. And I can guarantee you that when my college roommate asked me to try Neopets, she never thought I’d get a husband out of it. ^_^

So, whose life have I had the greatest impact on? Absolutely no freakin’ idea. How ‘bout you?


Open Discussion threads really ARE open for discussion. You can talk about anything that you want! The topic is just to give you some ideas to get started.


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