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Week #4 Winners and New Bonuses

Woohoo!! We just finished the 4th week of P4P and are moving on to December! A new prize table will go up on the 1st, and I hope to have something new for you to set your sites on. ^_^
A BIG welcome to Charlynda, our newest P4P member! The stars must have aligned just right, because Charlynda was the 11,000th visitor to Free2WinGames! It’s rare that I find a thousandth visitor, so to celebrate, Charlynda is going to start out with 1,100 points! ^_^
Now, here’s how the rest of the week went!

Best Comment - Charlynda

2 years ago I met my now hubby on a cool free game site called winster we played for not more then 2 weeks tops when i went out to his state (ohio) to meet him and his friends and family. We hit it off well and 1 month later we got married. in January we got pregnant and in October of 2009 we had a baby boy. To see the miracles that really can happen can bring smiles to anyone's face. Besides that , My little boy stops traffic in a good and I am proud of that.

Beautiful. <3


Best Tip – No tips this week. :(


Lucky Linkster

No one Tweeted or shared any Free2WinGames links on Facebook this week, so there isn’t a Lucky Linkster to award. Remember, the Lucky Linkster gets 25 points per link, up to 250 points! Right now our group is small, so you have a good chance of getting picked. This is a great way to earn points! ^_^


Weekly Challenge Winner – mbif!

Mbif scored 39,920 points in Iron Chouquette at KadoKado this week, which makes her the weekly challenge winner!




The new Double Feature Extreme is BugleGames!

The Weekly Challenge is Sponge Bob Collapse at IWON!

(Need some tips? We have a great guide for Sponge Bob Collapse!)


Have fun! ^_^


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