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Open Discussion: Nov 1st-7th

I meant to post this on Sunday. Whoops! *^_^*

Since we don’t have a forum yet, I thought it would be nice to have an open discussion thread each week. “Open discussion” means that you can talk about anything! Share updates on your pets, plans for the week, a game you’re stuck on, or just introduce yourself. ^_^ It’s really whatever you want it to be! (If you invite a friend, this is where they need to post!)

If you can’t think of anything at all, well, I found an AWESOME site! It’s called Thought Questions, and each day they post a beautiful photo paired with a thought-provoking question.

It’s a really neat idea, and the pictures are gorgeous. ^_^ So! This is where I’ll get my questions from. And yes, I’ll answer them too. (Don’t try to stop me!)

Here’s this week’s question:

nov1stphoto by Vince Garcia

If you can’t see the image, the question is, “What do you think about when you lie awake in bed?”

I encourage you to think about your answer before you read what everyone else says. Type it in notepad, or scroll straight to the bottom and leave your comment. I won’t be offended. ^_^

In two shakes of a lamb’s tail, I’ll give you my answer. (Scroll down! Dive! Dive! Dive!)



As a chronic insomniac, I lie awake in bed a lot. It’s an “early” night if I fall asleep before 3 am. Seriously. >_< (It’s almost 6 am right now. Eek!)

This means I have a lot of thinkin’ time on my hands. Since I started blogging I’ll usually be thinking about a new game I played, and figuring out what I want to say. Sometimes I’ll rack my mind thinking of ways to improve or expand the site. (As you can probably imagine, Points4Prizes has been on my mind a good bit lately!)

But honestly, most of the time I spend day dreaming. (Or “awake” dreaming, if you want to be technical.) Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to spin myself into stories I’ve read or movies I’ve seen. Lately my mind is kicking between a trilogy I’m almost finished reading, and the new Star Trek movie. ^_^ Weeeeee!

The trilogy is The Hythrun Chronicles: The Demon Child by Jennifer Fallon. If you’re into Fantasy books, this one is pretty good! Many times I *think* I know where she’s going, and something completely different happens. And it’s not an “out of the blue” change. It’s logical, just unexpected. I love it when authors do that.

Whoops! Slight derailing. *^_^* 

Sometimes in the morning afternoon when I wake up, I’ll lie in bed for a few minutes and think about what I dreamed or just plan what I need to get done that day. Occasionally I’ll have a sleepy cat laying on my chest, and that’s always nice to wake up to.

Unless I have to pee. When that happens, cats end up flying across the bed as I throw back the covers and bolt for the bathroom. Sorry, kitties!

So. Now you know what goes on in my mind. Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!


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