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Happy Eat-Turkey Day!!

I suggest you nibble on these to whet your appetite. ^_~

turkeyearrings Gobble gobble?

I think those earrings are awesome. It would be even better if they were smelled like roast turkey! Mmmm…. turkey…..

Do you have any plans for today? Usually the hubs and I are trying to fit two family gatherings into one day. Oh, and they’re an hour drive apart. >_<

So it’s a little weird (but not unwelcome!) that this year we have ZERO family gatherings! *Whew!*

I love my family, but I also love peace and quiet. *^_^* (I love you, Mom! Promise! <3)

We ordered pizza last night so I don’t have to cook anything today. Woohoo! I have a few sweet potatoes though… might bake one up for a delicious lunch!

Wow, I’m rambly. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Oh! Before I run off, you must see this! It makes me laugh. A lot. ^_^


That, my friends, goes on a cookie.

It’s that printable icing stuff. But wow… can you imagine putting a plate of those out at your next holiday gathering? XD

Anywho, I hope you have a fabulous Turkey Day, and eat lots of food for me. ^_^ If you’re driving (or flying) be safe!


You can grab the earrings at Krisi’s Etsy shop. The cookies are at The Bitter Baking Company on Etsy. No, I don’t know the owners of either one of them. I just think they’re awesome!


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