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Gamesville Policy Change


This really isn’t a big deal, but Gamesville is switching to a one account per person rule. From their blog:

Over the years, we’ve generally had a laissez-faire attitude toward individual people playing with multiple accounts. However, starting this month, we’re actually adjusting our policy to match the facts on the ground such that we’re only allowing one account per person.


The reasons why are multiple:


1) It’s easier for you and it’s easier for us. Many of the customer service tickets we get around member name and password issues stem from people confusing the password of member name #1 with the password for member name #2. If everyone’s playing with just one account, that problem goes away.


2) Our accounting department is hard-working, and they’ve asked us to reduce some of their burden, which includes reconciling multiple accounts for tax purposes. Our accounting department does a lot of good work for us, and rarely asks for anything in return, so when they make a special request it’s hard to turn them down.


3) To ease concerns about players using multiple accounts to game others in Spades and other table games; and to make things fairer overall for everyone.

To be clear, when we say “one member account per person,” we mean exactly that. It’s not one per email or one per personality :)

There are already a few comments on their blog from people worried about multiple people playing accounts and in different locations, etc.

So let me add a two more key things.

  • This is one account per person, not per household! It’s perfectly fine to have several people playing in the same house, as long as they each have no more than one account.
  • One account per person rules are largely based on trust. They (most likely) won’t take action unless there is a clear problem. Don’t be a problem. ^_^ Just use one account!

Also, I went back and edited the post about multiple accounts to include this new info, and I think I may see another reason for limiting the number of accounts a person can have.

I remembered reading this little gem on the Gamesville Blog, back in August.

Coming Soon: A New Way To Win

Speaking of prizes… I wanted to let you know that we’ve been discussing at GV HQ many of the ideas and thoughts you all have been discussing in the Blog.


And while it’s a little premature for us to talk about this, I did want to let you know that there will be an exciting new feature coming to Gamesville this fall: the ability to earn prizes.

How Will This Work?

Basically each registered member of this site, free or Gold, will be able to exchange their current GV Rewards for prizes.


These prizes will not be water bottles or t-shirts or hats or board games you could pick up at the grocery store (you know how I feel about those things as “prizes”).


And this will not be a sweepstakes where many enter but only one person wins.


This will be a guaranteed prize for you, as an individual, to save up GVs to redeem.


We can’t really say much more about it at this point because we’re still finalizing all the details. But we’re excited about this project, and hope you are, too. More details to come in the weeks ahead.

Many of the sites that are one account per person create that limit because players can “buy” prizes with points. Remember, these sites are businesses! They have to balance income, prizes, and pay their employees too!

It’s possible that whittling away the extra accounts now is just one step toward balancing the prize-earning future.


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