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New layout for Slingo!

I might be the only person excited about this, but I don’t care. ^_^ If you recall, in the Slingo site review I confessed that the layout was just far too busy.

Don’t feel like looking at the link? Fine fine. Here’s what it used to look like.

previous Slingo layout Wow…

That actually isn’t the whole page. There was also a banner on top, and I had to scroll down to get the bottom part in.

Well look who’s nice and shiny now!

slingorevamp Ooooh!!

Can’t see the difference? Allow me to point everything out. ^_^

  • The categories on the left went from 32 to 19. That’s a 40% cut in the number of links!
  • The middle section is drastically cleaned up. I can clearly see several featured games in one glance, and… well… It doesn’t look like a newspaper anymore. *^_^*
  • On the far right the Members’ highlight and text blurb about Slingo is gone.

Best of all, I can see everything clearly without needing to scroll down! Heck, even after I included the banner AND corporate info, I still have about 2 inches on my screen!

I’m so excited for them! The new layout looks sharp! *Boogies*

What do you think of all this? Did you even care about the last layout? ^_^


Edit: I have since learned that they’re trying out several layouts. If you want to share your feedback please post in the Slingo forums!


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