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Poppit! - Popular for a reason!

Happy cactus is happy.

Poppit! is Pogo's most popular game, and for good reason! Since there's no timer you can play at your leisure. ^_^


Your goal is to "free" all of the prizes inside the balloons. This is trickier than it sounds!

Unlike Diamonds or Merry Poppings, you don't switch balloons around to make matches. Instead you look for two (or more) balloons that are the same color AND are either in the same column or row. When you click on a match the balloons will vanish, and the balloons below will float up! No new balloons will replace them.

I see!

The prizes are stuck to the sky, so they don't move with the balloons. A prize is "free" when there isn't a balloon on it anymore.

It sounds weird, but once you click on the balloons you'll understand what I mean. ^_^

Clear all of the prizes to earn a jackpot spin. It's a progressive jackpot with a max prize of $4,999! Most likely you'll just get tokens, but that's better than nothing. ^_^


On level 1 difficulty most of the prizes are in the middle, so it's easier to complete the game. In levels 2 and 3, more prizes are near the top of the board. It's a lot harder to win on 2 and 3, but you get more tokens for your effort!

After you free the prizes, you should keep playing to clear as many balloons as possible. There's a BIG bonus if you leave 5 or less balloons on the board!


One time (and only one time) I managed to clear the entire board, and I got a 750 token bonus!! ^_^

Super Pop

Pop 8+ balloons in one go and you'll get a Super Pop!

It's super!

In addition to looking cool, making a Super Pop also earns tokens!
  • 8 balloons = 5 tokens
  • 9 balloons = 10 tokens
  • 10 balloons = 15 tokens
  • 12+ balloons = 20 tokens


A powerup looks like a star inside a balloon.

I see one!

Powerups are VERY rare and there are only two kinds. You can't tell what you'll get until it falls!
  • Pin - Pops one balloon. You pick which one!
  • Weight - Moves one column of balloons down one space.
Any unused powerup is worth 25 tokens, so hang on to them if you can! But if using a powerup would get you to the 5-or-less balloons bracket, then you should definitely use it. ^_^

Tips & Tricks

1. The UNDO button is incredibly useful and you can use it over and over! Since there's no penalty for using it, don't be afraid to back up if you made a mistake. ^_^

2. Work from the bottom up. Specifically you want to look for horizontal matches.

Three balloons from school are we!

If you aren't careful you'll lose horizontal matches when balloons float up. Keep an eye on them! Now, vertical matches you don't have to worry about.

Aww. They need smiley faces.

Since the balloons float up and not across, you will never lose a vertical match. Use them to match with singles, or connect other balloons for a Super Pop!

3. Remember that there is NO timer. You can leave Poppit! open and come back to it later!

Final Rating

I like Poppit!! It's a great game, and I definitely like the slower pace and the ability to undo moves. More puzzles should have an undo option! ^_^

4.5 stars out of 5!

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