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Kitchen Chaos - Something Stinks

When I read the description of Kitchen Chaos at iWon, I thought it sounded pretty cool. "A mice stealing cheese with chefs chasing after him? And if he eats a special cheese he turns giant and eats the chefs?? AWESOME!!!"

Alas, this is what I got instead.


I will admit that the graphics are really cute. ^_^ I love the stove tops, sinks, and cutting boards scattered around the kitchen. But it's still a knock-off of Pac-Man. And uh... I don't like Pac-Man. *Runs for the hills*

I'm sorry! It's just not my type of game. *^_^* That aside, there are several issues with Kitchen Chaos.

For one, the chefs don't seem to speed up. There just are more of them as you progress.

Seven Chefs?!?! Crap.

I liked the challenge of trying to get away from them all, but I had a lot of trouble going around corners. The little mouse kept getting stuck, which meant that I died. That was big problem #2.

And the GIANT MOUSE he's supposed to turn into after eating Big Cheese? It looks more like he's radioactive than a giant.

Maybe it's a cheese fart cloud?

While you're "giant" you can eat the chefs. But you'd better be quick, because this ability lasts for about 5 seconds. =( Unless a chef is right by you when you eat the Big Cheese, you won't catch one in time. That's big problem #3.

The coin payout is decent, I suppose. My top score was 17,450. For that, I earned:

Not too bad!

If you're really good Kitchen Chaos you can expect to earn a lot more. ^_^

Final Rating

This game has too many technical issues for me to enjoy it. I know this isn't my favorite type of game anyway, but I got REALLY frustrated at how often the mouse got stuck going around the counters. Not fun.

If you like Pac-Man, try Kitchen Chaos anyway and tell me if you disagree with my verdict. ^_^ But I'm sayin' this is 2 stars out of 5.

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