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Yahtzee Party - Not recommended for pants.

Let's play!

Yahtzee Party is a Pogo game that is massively, crazily addictive. I started playing on a whim, then decided to get some screenshots for a review. Five hours later I managed to pry myself away.

If you haven't played Yahtzee in a while, here's how it works. You throw 5 dice and click on any that you want to keep. Roll the leftovers and again, decide what you want to keep. The last roll you're stuck with, and you *have* to pick a category to score.

The categories are listed on the left and are pretty simple. A small straight is a run of four numbers, like rolling a 1, 2, 3, and 4. A large straight is a run of all five dice, like 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. A Yahtzee is 5 of a kind and it's worth the most.

Now, Yahtzee Party is different because you're playing it with everyone in the room. (Max of 10 players.) Whenever anyone gets a Yahtzee, the Super Yahtzee meter rises. When it gets full the computer will throw dice to figure out what the group bonus is.

The activity modifier (the percentage) just says how long you've been in the room. If you joined right before the meter hit full, you will have a low activity modifier, and thus get fewer coins.

There are a few options in how to play this, so look at the room tabs before you dive in.
  • Slow Rooms ~ You have 6 minutes to play the 13 rounds and bonus round.
  • Fast Rooms ~ You have 4 minutes to play the 13 rounds and bonus round.
  • Classic Mode ~ Plain Yahtzee rules. You need 225 points to earn a Jackpot spin.
  • Wild Mode ~ Contains a blue die that acts as a wild. You need 250 points to earn a Jackpot spin.
I like playing wild-slow rooms. The extra time lets me chat with others and the wild means the group hits the Super Yahtzee more often. I tried fast rooms and they were quiet. No one had any time to chat!

Oooohhh... A wild!

Now, I mentioned a bonus round. ^_^ If you have any time left after the 13 rounds, you'll have the option of playing the bonus to score some extra tokens. You need to score three of a kind or better, and you only have 5 rounds to score instead of 13.

I'd like to order two more 3's, please. Thank you!

I LOVE the bonus round. ^_^ I usually get 1/3rd or more of my tokens from playing the bonus. It's well worth the time!

You'll also get bonus tokens if you manage to be one of the top players at the end of the game. If you're lucky and get 1st place, everyone will get to see your avatar. ^_^ Oh, and you'll get to award tokens to one of the bottom 2 players.

Took me four hours to win first place. *Sweats*

I've been in the basement (bottom ranks) many, many times. Those pity tokens help ease the pain, I tell ya.

Pogo's Yahtzee Party is a Progressive Jackpot game, with a max pot of $4,999. Remember, you have to score 225 in Classic and 250 in Wild mode to earn a Jackpot spin. You will most likely get tokens from your spin, but that's better than nothing.

Pogo does not post the odds of winning their Jackpot games. Assume that the odds are nightmareishly bad.

Final Rating:
Oh goodness... I'm wavering between a 4 and a 5. Hmm... new rank! 4.5 stars. ^_^

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