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Life is an Adventure


If you follow me on Twitter, than you already know that this past week my family went to look at a potential place to move. I was so excited that I couldn’t concentrate on writing or getting anything useful done. *^_^*

It’s a fantastic deal, and I’m 99% sure that we’ll move there. Here’s a pic of the view from the back porch!



Isn’t it gorgeous?! The building itself is a double wide which needs some work, which we expected.

So basically, it looks like we’ll be moving soonish. After renovations are done I’ll tackle the wild to make a small garden, and maybe get some chickens. ^_^ Sometime in the middle of that I hope to find a local job to ease the financial strain.

All in all, things will be quite busy for a while. What does this mean for Free2WinGames? Well… I’m going to put it on hold. Realistically, the additional work and stress isn’t worth the $5 (or less) I make each week here. I’ll keep Points4Prizes running, since that’s pretty easy to update and check. ^_^ But don’t expect any new posts for a few months.

I’ll still respond to comments and emails, and I’ll stay active on Twitter and Facebook, so it isn’t like I’m vanishing. ^_^ It’ll just be a little quieter for a while.

I love you all! *Super hugs*


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