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News – Spigo revamps Gold membership!


Spigo has been hinting about this for a while, but they’ve finally released the new Gold Membership program! Alas, you can’t buy individual days anymore (which I rather liked) but you can still buy a month’s subscription or a year’s subscrip.

The whole thing is streamlined and simplified, which is fantastic! But uh, I’m a little confused about the “Price Reduction” that they’re touting. I don’t remember how much the monthly price was, but the yearly price is the exact same. How do I know this? Because I wrote it down and included it the Who Can Win post, published in August of last year! ^_^

But since I didn’t write down the previous monthly price, I can’t compare it. Oh well. (It’s now $6 a month.)

One REALLY neat thing they’ve added is a seniority feature for Gold. Here’s what it says on the site.

As a Gold Member on Spigo, you automatically earn seniority which gives access to otherwise hidden functions. The longer the time you have been a Gold Member, the more seniority you have and the more functions you get.
You can see the next function which will be available below.

The first function listed for me, a non-Gold member? Extra scratchcards. I freakin’ LOVE scratchcards. *^_^*

I think it’s a really neat idea to reward your customers for sticking with you, and it’s a brilliant marketing tactic to boot. I wanna know what the other functions are!!


On a last note, Spigo is kinda-sorta trying to keep their Facebook page active. Periodically they’re releasing daily challenges (with Spigo bonuses) that you can only find on the FB page, so pay attention!

And they just added a Behind the Scenes photo album where you can see pics of Spigo HQ! Looks like they were having quite a party. ^_^

So that’s what’s new in Spigo-land! What do you think of the new Gold membership? Do you miss the Gold days, or does the new “function” bonus make up for it?


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