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News – KadoKado smooshes clan tournaments.


If you’re not familiar with KadoKado then this will all sound pretty weird. Bear with me. ^_^

I joined a clan a few months ago, and finally figured out how they worked! KadoKado calls every two weeks a “Kalendar period,” and clan tournaments consisted of 2 periods. So one tournament lasted a month. (Yes, it felt like forever.)

Period 1 consisted of missions, where the clan got a group of game scores to beat. You had 24 hours to beat a mission. Whenever you finished it (or if the time ran out) you got a new mission. Completed missions earn points.

Period 2 consisted of attacking other clans and defending your own clan from attack. To attack a clan you play a game of your choice, and your score is the “attack.” If they can’t beat your score within 12 hours then you win points, and they lose points. If they do beat your score then nobody loses or gains anything.

Confused yet? ^_^ Well now they’ve taken the mission & attack periods and combined them into one freakin’ period!!

kadoclans GAH!!

The most confusing part is that now each clan has two rankings at a time: The mission rating and the attack rating. Totally makes my head spin right now.

But then, I don’t always adjust well to change. *^_^*

For more info you can read up on this KadoKado forum thread. It’s not perfect, but considering that there was NO official news update for the English site and the FAQ still lists the “old” clan info, it’s definitely better than nothing.

Right now I’m not sure what I think about the change. Shorter tournaments will be nice, but I’m trying to figure out how to use my Green Gems (game plays) now. Since you can play missions even after you have an attack out, I think I’ll focus on defense first, attack 2nd, and then mission whatever is left. Maybe. o_O


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