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News: Gamesville players will soon be able to EARN prizes!

The Gamesville team has been hinting for some time about a new way to earn prizes, using GVs. Well, they’ve finally released some more info about it! And we have one teaser picture to work with. ^_^

gvprizex *Squints* I need mah glasses!

If you can’t see the pic, here’s what the text says.

Gamesville.com awards more cash prizes to more people than any website on the planet. And unlike other game sites – where some people win prizes but most don’t – every eligible player at Gamesville can win prizes. See, it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll win a prize at Gamesville; it’s only a matter of “when”!

Below that is a table that looks something like this:

Prize Amount Description Cost Availability
$5 Cash 1,500,000 GV Rewards 77 (Claim)
$10 iTunes Gift Card 2,000,000 GV Rewards 22 (Claim)
$25 Amazon.com Gift Card 3,000,000 GV Rewards 3 (Claim)
$50 Cash 4,000,000 GV Rewards 2 (Claim)
$100 Cash 5,000,000 GV Rewards 1 (Claim

Since this is still a work in progress, the prizes AND costs may change, so please don’t yell at them if they come out with something different!

Having a limited number of prizes is interesting, but I wonder how they’re going to do it. If there’s only one $100 prize a month, when does it restock? If it’s at the start of the month, there’s going to be a mad rush and I imagine a lot of people will fuss about it restocking at a time when they’re asleep, or at work.

A random restock would be more fair (and fun), but could frustrate those who *really* just want one prize. Would you want to check numerous times a day for a month, only to find out that it restocked and you missed it?

So yeah, I’m really curious about how they’re going to handle restocks. ^_^ They hope to release it sometime in April, so start saving your GVs!!

What do you think of the new “earning” option? Do you think it will satisfy the players who are mad that they never win anything?


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