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GlobalGiving – Earn points by helping others! Or just do it to be nice. ^_^

I’ve wanted to introduce charity donations for a while, and thanks to a tip from @corosnark, I finally figured out how!

We’re going to use GlobalGiving.org. ^_^ It’s a site with over 1,000 pre-screened grassroots projects from around the world. A project might be about funding books for a school, providing food for a village, or surgery for abuse victims.

There is a ton of information on their How GlobalGiving Works and FAQ pages, and I’m satisfied that this is a safe and fun way to help others. Woohoo!!

Now if you couldn’t guess by the title, I really want to incorporate this with Points4Prizes, both as a way to earn points and a way to spend points. Here’s the plan!


How to Earn Points With GlobalGiving

Each month when I list the new Points4Prizes bonuses I’ll include info on a specific project. If you’re not part of P4P but you want to support the cause anyway, please donate directly to the project! (I’ll include links for that.)

If you’re a P4P member and would like to earn points from your donation, send a GlobalGiving e-giftcard to:


and I’ll donate the giftcard to the project. An e-giftcard is solid proof that you donated, without the hassle of sharing PayPal info with me or trying to take screenshots. In other words, this is the easiest solution that I could find!

GlobalGiving requires a minimum donation of $10, but you can donate as much as you want! In return you’ll earn 3,000 P4P points. (You can earn this bonus only once a month.)

PLEASE be sure to put your Disqus name in the “From” section so I know who gets the reward points! And yes, this means that you can donate on behalf of another P4P member too. ^_^

globalgivingmsg “From” is NOT optional! I really need a name to work with!

The plight of women and children around the world is very important to me, so be aware that I’ll pick projects that focus on them. If you spy a different GlobalGiving project that you’d LOVE to donate to, please detail it in the message box so I can send your donation there!

IMPORTANT: GlobalGiving giftcards can ONLY be used towards projects on the GlobalGiving website.  I can’t take the giftcards and go buy a Porsche or anything. ^_^ And they thoroughly vet each project to make sure that it’s legitimate.

Another great thing about the e-giftcards is that they never expire! If for some reason I kick the bucket before I use the donation, the money won’t go to waste. After a year they’ll allocate the funds to wherever it’s needed.

“Shit Happens” Clause: If you make a donation via e-giftcard and forget to include your name, please send me an email ASAP! I can figure out that unnamed giftcard + panicked email = someone forgot to label. ^_^

I’ll send a confirmation email once the giftcard is used, and that shouldn’t take more than a day. If you haven’t heard from me, PLEASE send me an email!


How To Spend Points on GlobalGiving

Starting in April I’m going to add a new prize to the Points4Prizes table. Can you guess what it is? ^_^ It’ll be a $10 GlobalGiving e-giftcard!

It will cost 10,000 points, and the giftcard will go directly to your email. From there you can pick which project you want to use it on!

If you’d like to sponsor a giftcard, please send me a message in the form below and we can iron out the details.



Why The Points Are Different

You might be wondering why you can only earn 3,000 points for donating $10+, but buying a $10 donation giftcard costs 10,000 points!

Well, here’s why. ^_^

I know not everyone has time to dig through posts and comment, or tackle the Weekly Challenge and fight to reach the high scores table. Sometimes life is incredibly hectic, and I understand that. So I wanted to have an option where people could do something good for humanity and be able to earn some reward points.

However, I don’t want this to turn into a system where people “buy” points and then grab all of the prizes! That isn’t fair to those who work hard for their points through “regular” methods, and it isn’t fair to the sponsors. That’s why I’m limiting it to 3k points a month from donations. It lets people get involved, even if they don’t have a lot of time to spare, but it doesn’t devalue the work that others have to do!

As for the P4P prize table, the entire point of having GlobalGiving giftcards available is so that people who can’t spare $10 still have the option to donate. They can turn in virtual points for a cash donation that will help someone else have a better life. I know I’m biased, but I think that’s kinda cool. ^_^

Of course, you’re welcome to trade in your points however you wish! I just wanted to have the option there, ya know?


I plan on keeping a running total of ALL donations, both from cash donations and giftcards purchased with points. This total will be published on both the monthly prize table and the new bonuses, cuz I’m darn proud of you all. ^_^ Some of the projects may send updates on what they’re doing with the funds, and I’ll share those too!

For now, here’s a project that I *hope* might reach their target before the end of March. If they don’t then I’ll post it again for April. [TW for rape.]

Restore Health And Dignity of 150 Congolese Women



The project provides survivors of rape and gender violence in the eastern DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) with comprehensive services that help women find safety and start to heal their bodies, souls and minds.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Rape is one of the most powerful weapons deployed in the prolonged conflict in the eastern DRC. It not only damages bodies but also tears apart lives and communities. For women and girls who survive, medical assistance is critical but rarely sufficient. Long-term recovery also requires a safe space where women start to heal their bodies, minds and souls. HEAL Africa, which has provided care for 15,000 women and girls since 1996, provides comprehensive services to survivors of gender violence.

How will this project solve this problem?

With 300 counselors, HEAL Africa runs 28 community houses (Wamama Simameni, or Women Stand Up Together) in North Kivu and Maniema where survivors go after surgery for food, shelter, psychosocial support, economic assistance and cultural activities.

Potential Long Term Impact

Guided by artists and facilitators, women learn to externalize their pain and speak freely with peers about the social problems they face. They also discuss women’s rights and their role in the peace process, gaining tools to build social stability.

Project Message

I have received two operations by the doctors at HEAL Africa. When it’s time to leave for home, they are going to help me buy other items that will let me start a small business. I am now respectable.
- Karima Feza, rape victim

Funding Information

Total Funding Received to Date: $4,583
Remaining Goal to be Funded: $417
Total Funding Goal: $5,000

A donation of $10 lets one survivor stay at a HEAL house for a month, and gives her time to regain her health. If you don’t want P4P points, click here to donate. Want P4P points? Send me a GlobalGiving e-giftcard and I’ll send it to them, then I’ll add 3,000 points to your Points4Prizes account.

If you have any questions about this new addition, or any feedback on the points, please leave a comment below or send me a message. I hope you’re as excited about this as I am! ^_^


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