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P4P Week #15 Winners and New Bonuses!

Well, the blogiversary is over, and we’re back to our regularly scheduled updates.  I rather liked the trivia though. ^_^ I think I’ll try to incorporate it into a weeklyish event somehow.
But until then, you can see your current score on this chart. Mbif was the heavy hitter last week, earning 410 points! Congrats!!

Best Tip – pumpkindreams (Aka Charlynda)

Yes, but you added it out of All the templates that are out there you chose this one!! now besides that, whats the first biggest one? my guess is winster but i can be wrong.
Hey what about swagbucks? is that on here cuz swagbucks has games you can win swbucks that get turned into cool prizes i go after amazon gift cards.

I had NO idea that Swagbucks had games now! New site to check out!!! *Dances*


Weekly Challenge Winner

No P4P members landed on the Megaspheres high scores this week. Right now our group is really  small, so always give the weekly challenge a shot! ^_^


Lucky Linkster

All points were doubled this week, so mbif picked up 200 points this week, and Lindyflowers picked up 100, just for sharing links!




The new Double Feature Extreme is Slingo!

The Weekly Challenge is Kanji’s Adventure at KadoKado!


In case you missed it, there’s a second guide for Kanji’s Adventure now! If you’ve mastered the first one, it’s time to move up. ^_^

Tomorrow I’ll post the March prize table and the new bonuses for the month! Stay tuned!


If you’re reading this and think I’m writing in Splendiferen, I’m not! Points4Prizes is a really neat program here at Free2WinGames. As you can see, you get points from all sorts of things! You can turn the points in for some AWESOME prizes, including a beautiful hand-made bracelet from poofydesigns!


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