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New games on IWON!

IWON is really working to make their blog active, which is fantastic!! ^_^ I’ve started checking it every day, and today I read this:

Even MORE NEW Games on IWON!

Posted by Angie | February 15, 2011


Hi Gamers!


How are you? I think after yesterday I need to go to candy rehab! I love the big holidays, but I am so happy that they’re finally over! It’s time to break out those skinny jeans and hope by summer that I’m back in them!


So while I ramp up my physical exercise, I figure I should ramp up my mental exercise as well! Luckily, IWON has just released NEW games that will help me out!


One of my new absolute favorites is Bananagrams! This new social game on IWON lets you play solo or with your Facebook friends to complete a giant word puzzle.  The goal is to use all the tiles in the bunch to create words! The faster you complete the puzzle the more points you earn! There are so many interesting components of the game like the live multiplayer aspect as well as the “My Stuff” section! Try it out and comment me here on the blog what you think!



Are celebrities your guilty pleasure? Do you have an insane knowledge of movie trivia? If so, Well Connectedis the game for you! To play, you have to connect the co-stars before time runs out! The more quickly you answer, the more points you earn! You can even use the “Free Connection” life line if you get stumped. Now, I thought I knew my celebrities pretty well, but this game really stumps me sometimes! Play a round and see if you fall in love like I did!



I know Match 3 games are all rage these days, but have you ever seen one with…Cupcakes?! Love Match 3, but ready for a new look? Come check out Cupcake Mix! Create clusters of 3 or more matching cupcakes – like strawberry, chocolate, and caramel crunch!  After matching 3 the cupcakes are gobbled up! It’s a really fun and cute game, and hey if you’re just looking for a new game to help you earn coins on IWON this one will do the trick!



I hope you enjoy these new games and I will definitely update you when more come through the IWON door!


Happy Gaming!


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I tried out the Cupcake Mix game and now I really want to eat cupcakes. o_O Haven’t had a chance to try the other two games though. If you do, let me know what you think!

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