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Blogiversary spectacular: Day 4!

birthdaycakecandle Delicious cake-shaped CANDLE by Country Crafts and Candies

Hello again! ^_^ Today is a double hitter because *drumroll* it’s my birthday!! WOOHOO!!

Yes indeedy, today I turn 30. I’m still not sure how that happened. Heck, last night I dreamed I was still in high school! Where did the time go? o_O

In celebration I picked a delightful cake-candle picture for today. *Points up* I’m usually not a huge fan of sprinkles, but I can totally deal with them being on a candle.

Now, here are the answers to yesterday’s trivia questions. ^_^

Q: What was the title of the first game that received a 1 star rating? (10 points)

A: Drip Drop Sudoku

Q: How many VIP levels does KadoKado have? (10 points)

A: 3

Q: Which game guide has my favorite caption, “Half-gassed balloon doesn’t try hard enough?” (20 points)

A: Merry Poppings

How did you do? Anything stump ya? Or was it all so very, very easy. ^_~

Well if was too easy, brace yourself for today’s trivia! (And as always, PLEASE do not write the answers in a comment! Fill out the form on the page and hit “Submit” when you’re done.)


That’s it! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat a birthday sub sandwich. Publix subs ftw! ^_^


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