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Blogiversary spectacular: Day 1!

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Welcome to the Free2WinGames blogiversary spectacular!! ^_^ Points4Prizes is the best way I know to reward you guys, so you’ll see a lot of that this week! 

1. To kick it off, every P4P member is getting 500 points, just for being part of the program! WOOHOOO!!

2. Any new members who join this week will get 250 points because I’m all happy. ^_^

3. Everything is worth double points this week!! Comments, linkster, friend invites, everything. (Best Tip/Comment were already double, and they will remain at 200 points. And yes, everyone is STILL a Lucky Linkster this week too!)

But wait, there’s more!


Even More

Each day this week I’ll post new trivia questions regarding the site. P4P members will get points but you can tackle them just for fun too. ^_^ All of the answers are found on the site!

For each day you answer trivia, your score will multiply.

  • Day 1 = score x1
  • Day 2 = (scores for days 1 + 2) x 2
  • Day 3 = (scores for days 1 + 2 + 3) x 3

And so on.  The truly dedicated readers can pick up over 1000 points just from trivia!

If you miss a day, please don’t stress out! I understand that you have a life, so I’m just counting the total days that you answer. If you answered Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, then you’ll get the 3x bonus on whatever questions you answered correctly. ^_^ There is NO penalty for wrong answers!

IMPORTANT: The trivia will be in a post, and you’ll need to click in the boxes to type your answers. At the very end is a “Submit” button. Hit that and I’ll get your answers! DO NOT post them in a comment! Everyone will be able to see them if you do that. :P

Ready to tackle it? Here’s today’s trivia!


That’s it! ^_^ Again, please do NOT put the answers in a comment! The form will take care of everything. Promise! <3

Stay tuned this week for more trivia and a special guest post! ^_^ Oh, and guides, of course. Those are still around too!


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