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P4P Week #9 Winners & New Bonuses!

Welcome back! How did you do this past week? ^_^ Points are updated each Sunday, and you can see your current score on this chart.
Remember, for January all comments are worth triple points! Now let’s get to the winners!

Best Comment – lindyflowers

LOVE IT!!! Very very SMOOTH playing, not choppy at all
Thanks for the review I give it 5 stars

I’m so glad that you’re enjoying FreeSlots, Lindy!


Weekly Challenge Winner

I made a whoopsies on this one. *^_^* The particular game I picked didn’t keep the high scores from the previous week. (But other games on the same site DO keep the previous week.) I checked it a few minutes after the new scoring week started. There’s only one person who could have played, and I’m in the process of contacting her to see if she did or not.

We’ll have to go by the honor system for this one. Sorry, guys! *^_^*


Lucky Linkster

Randomizer.org picked Twitter this week, so mbif regained her Linkster title and picked up 25 points for Tweeting a link to Free2WinGames!




The new Double Feature Extreme is Gamesville!

The Weekly Challenge is Super Slingo Jackpot  at Slingo!


There are two (maybe three) new posts about Gamesville this week. They get the triple comment bonus AND the DFE bonus, which means that each comment is worth 30 points!! Don’t miss out! ^_^


If you’re reading this and think I’m writing in Gallifreyan, I’m not! Points4Prizes is a really neat program here at Free2WinGames, and as you can see, you get points from all sorts of things! You can turn the points in for some AWESOME prizes, including a piece of unique Gamesville art created by Nick Sherman!


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