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Week #2 Winners & New Bonuses!

We’re now through with the 2nd week of P4P! Major congrats to emlyne (the newest P4P member) for jumping right in! Here’s how this week turned out.

Best Comment - emlyne

I play bingo america on GSN everyday trying to win a pot big enough to equal 25.00 added to my other win. You can only get your winnings when it totals 25 dollars. Similar to they way Gamesville handled your wins before the last change but then the same company runs both games. GSN only has one free cash pot game, bingo america. The other cash games cost to play and belong to another company. To me GSN,s reason for being is to promote its television network with direct tie ins such as bingo blitz. The only game with chat is bingo america and the pot is rarely won till it reaches at least twelve dollars and frequently goes the full 25 where it can hang forever. Most players don,t show up till the pot hits 15 and eighty percent leave when it,s won. Too boring playing for three hours with no hope of winning keeps most players away. The chat can be entertaining as there,s frequently fighting among the players, they get a bit testy waiting for something to happen.

This comment is quite informative and shared a LOT of info about GSN Oodles. Great work! ^_^


Best Tip – emlyne

I love Frantic Fich and the little red crab (he makes his appearance when you click the yellow frantic fish words on the game) I,ve won the draw once and I always play it at the same time as bingo zone , QuickDraw Poker and pitstop slots. It makes bingo zone less boring. I haven,t figured out how to do that with bingo america unless it,s reading the ongoing fights in chat or playing gamesville at the same time. What can I say I have a low boredom tolerence.

I had NO idea about the little crab, so I was really excited to learn that. *^_^* Also, emlyne gives some great tips on multi-gaming to keep things interesting!


Lucky Linkster - mbif

mbif was the Lucky Linkster again this week, and picked up 25 points for Tweeting a link to Free2WinGames. Remember, the Lucky Linkster gets 25 points per link, up to 250 points!


Weekly Challenge – No winner!

Alas, no one reached the high scores on Word Noodle this week. Better luck next time!




The new Double Feature Extreme is FreeSlots!

The Weekly Challenge is Slingo Classic at Slingo!

(Here’s a guide on Slingo Classic if you need it!)


Have fun! ^_^


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