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I’ve just made Disqus the main program for comments. I know not everyone will be thrilled by this, but hear me out.

In working out the details in the Points4Prizes program, I discovered a slightly huge hitch in my plans. Although I can sort comments through email, I won’t be able to tell people apart if they use the same name. I could make an educated guess based on writing styles, but that would be extremely time consuming and impractical in the long run.

Disqus is free to use and easy to sign up. Best of all, once you’re signed in you won’t have to deal with captchas anymore. Also, you can “like” individual comments, which I think is neat. ^_^

I’m still looking at the moderator tools to make sure this will do what I want it to do, but so far it looks good! Right now it should allow anonymous comments too, but if you plan to do the Points4Prizes thing, you’ll have to make an account. Might as well do that now! ^_^

The downside is that all of the previous comments are now hidden. I’ll dig into that later to see if I can rescue them or if we’re just going to start with a clean slate.

Btw, does anyone know how I can find the CSS sheet for this blog template? I can make Disqus blend in with the site, but I’m not sure where the CSS is. *^_^*


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