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Flushee - 5 Bears in the bed and the little one said..

Flushee is an adorable game from KadoKado. It's a new site I found thanks to mbif, and it's great! A full site review will come later, but for now, just know that it was originally a French site, and not all of the games are translated. Also, you get 4 free game plays per day. *^_^* (They have lots of games though!)

I can't link you directly to Flushee, but you can make a demo account to check it out, if you want!

Flushee falls into the SPHM category. (Simple to play, hard to master.) You have a grid full of jelly-like creatures, and you have to squeeze one more at the end of a row.

Awww! Cute! ^_^

This pushes the ENTIRE row of jellies over. (Which means that one falls off the end.) Any jellies that form a group of 4 or more will explode! This is how you earn points. ^_^

I have a sudden craving for lime jello.

The jellies above will fall down, and if *they* form a group of 4+ then they'll explode too! This is called a "chain," and it's a good thing. Make as many chains as you can!

Now, the tricky part of Flushee is that you only have 10 moves per game! If you're lucky you may find an extra piece or two to help. To "activate" these pieces you have to push them off the board!

Mmm... Peaches!

That's a peach that I just pushed off. It's worth 1,000 points AND adds one move! So don't waste 3 moves trying to push one over the edge.

Next we have the rare Spiral Token!

I don't see it.

Pushing this piece over the edge earns you up to five moves! Woohooo!

Earning Kado Points

Whenever you play a game, you accept a challenge. (They call it a "contract," but I think that sounds scary.) The challenge is a random score, and if you beat the score then you get Kado Points!


The score to beat is different each time, as are the Kado points. I've had challenge scores ranging from 4,000 to 24,000, and Kado points ranging from 3 to 100+!

You can also earn Kado points by earning a Green, Orange, or Pink star.


Think of stars as trophies. ^_^
  • Green star - Need to score 12,000. Worth 10 Kado points!
  • Orange star - Need to score 17,000. Worth 50 Kado points!
  • Pink star - Need to score 21,000. Worth 100 Kado points!
Stars are automatically cashed in at the end of a Kalendar period. (2 weeks.) You can only have *one* star per game, so aim for the best!

Also, if you're ranked in the top 400 players at the end of the period, you get 100 Kado points. ^_^

I totally beat that.

The top 400 scores will change during the 2 weeks, as players reach higher scores. So if you're concerned about rank, check back often!

Tips & Tricks

Work from the bottom. You'll trigger more chains this way and score more points. ^_^

Whenever you push a jelly into a row, you get a new jelly. This jelly is not random! It's the jelly that fell off the end of the row! If you remember this, you can plan a few moves ahead.


If you have a lot of fruit on the screen and a few moves left, try to get the fruit onto one line. This will save you moves because as one fruit falls off, you automatically get another move.

Oh! I get it!

Essentially it's a chain of free moves. Give it a shot. ^_^

Final Rating

Confession time: I actually purchased some Orange gems so I could keep playing Flushee at KadoKado. *^_^* On the upside, they never expire! On the downside, I went through more Orange gems than I care to admit. *Sheepish grin.*

I'm a cheap gamer, and I REALLY like Flushee! The games are fast, and I love the different challenges for each round. Very fun! I see myself coming back to this one a lot. ^_^

5 out of 5 stars!

Updated 7/24/10 with a new tip.

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