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No more contests. Just Points4Prizes!

Hi there! This page used to hold info about contests and giveaways at Free2WinGames, but we’ve switched everything over to the Points4Prizes system. Now, instead of having a single shot at winning a prize, you can earn points and then pick what you want!

The prizes are always changing, but I try to find unique and interesting items. ^_^

I’m leaving the rest of this page up so you can see what *used* to go on, but if you’re here for prizes, sign up for Points4Prizes!!


(Original contest page below.)


Welcome! This thread stays up-to-date with current contests and promotions. Everything is free to enter! Most contests require you to leave a comment on a post, so pay attention to this next bit.  ^_^ (If you’ve already read this before, click here to jump to the contests!)

If you don’t have a Blogger/LiveJournal/Wordpress/AIM/OpenID account, PLEASE select Name/URL when you leave a comment.

Name/URL location

Done! Now what?

When you click that a little box will pop up. Put whatever name you want to be called in the top box. This is so I can identify you later!

Name/URL text box (picture)

What about the URL?

If you want to link back to Gamesville so I know where you came from, you could put Gamesville’s address as the URL. (That’s just an example.) Or you can leave it blank! You do not need a URL (web address) to sign your name!

If you don’t leave any name then I have no way to contact you. This makes both you and I very sad. ~_~ Leave a name and we’ll both be happy. ^_^

Now, what's the difference between a contest and a giveaway? Well...

  • A contest means only one person will win. (Maybe a few winners for large contests.)
  • A giveaway means that everyone who enters will get a prize.

Check back often to see what’s new!

Current Contests

None right now!

Current Giveaways

None right now! (A GSN Oodles giveaway is in the works!)

Previous Contests & Giveaways
Winster Week (Five 1-day contests)
Held from: September 13-17th
Prize: 5 Winster day passes, 1 for each daily winner.
Winners: Cassandra, @JenniferKrumm, @mbif, and Tasha. (On one day there was only 1 entry, so no prize was awarded.)
Winners picked by Randomizer.org.
Gamesville Comment Contest
Held from: August 16th - 22nd
Prize package: 1 Gamesville bumper sticker, 1 Gamesville t-shirt, and 1 Gamesville tote bag!!
Winner: Terry (aka Silverkat46)
Picked by Randomizer.org

RSS/Subscribe Contest
Held from: July 1st - July 31st
Prize: Slingo Magnet
Winner: @JenniferKrumm
Picked by Randomizer.org

Gamesville Comment Contest
Held from: July 19th-25th
Prize: 2,000 GVs!
Winner: emilyne
Picked by randomizer.org.

BugleGames Giveaway
Held from: June 5th-11th
Prize: 100,000 tokens
Winners: mbif, momof4kdss, and BubblesMama

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