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A New Leaf - A new reason to keep plants outside.

Today's game is pretty simple. No elaborate story needed to explain it.

Hey... stop cheering! That's rude. :P

Anywho, today's game is A New Leaf, from iWon games. You're shown a bunch of leaves and when you mouse over them, they flip over. There are all sorts of bugs under the leaves, but you're looking for just one - the black fuzzy caterpillar!

Awww!!! Can I pet it?

When you find the leaf with the black fuzzy caterpillar, just click the leaf and you'll be taken to the next round.

If you are arachnophobic you may not enjoy this game, as there are spiders under some of the leaves. I'm an arachnophobe and the picture squicks me out a little, but it's not terrible for me.


Yes, I shrunk the pic to reduce the odds of freaking someone out. The game board itself will not change sizes while you play. ^_^

The first 15 rounds are easy. You have 10-15 seconds to find which leaf the has the caterpillar, and there aren't a ton of leaves to search in the first place. Then suddenly it goes to this:


From level 16 on, you have 21 leaves and four seconds to check all of them! Basically you run your mouse across the rows as quick as you can and look for a glimpse of the caterpillar. This is not an easy task! Do not blink or you'll miss it. Best of all, since there's no pause option and you move directly from one level to the next, you can expect to see GAME OVER very soon.


So far my best score is 2,400. This is a surprisingly tough game! I want to like it because the concept is interesting, game play is fast, and the graphics are pretty.*^_^*

Unfortunately it has some major flaws. Considering how difficult this game is, the payouts are absolutely terrible. I rarely earn over 100 coins from A New Leaf. They also are pretty stingy with the jackpot spins. So far the most spins I've gotten in A New Leaf is two.

Also, whenever I play I find that I'm completely alone in the chat room. This isn't a popular game, probably for the two reasons listed above.

If they increased the payouts and/or added a "click to continue" feature between rounds, this would definitely be a better game.

Reality Check
A New Leaf has a progressive jackpot with a max pot of $2,000.
The odds of winning the JP are "no worse" than 1 in 1,000,000.
The odds of a man in the US being named John are 1 in 30.57.

Final Rating
I'll give this one a solid 2 stars out of 5.

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