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Drip Drop Sudoku - No Thank You

Ah... iWon Drip Drop Sudoku, how you fail! Let me count the ways.

1. Your beginner and expert levels are EXACTLY THE SAME. (30 spaces to fill in. No more. No less.)

Beginner above and Expert below. Can you tell a difference?

2. Your beautifully designed water droplets make it hard to see what numbers are already filled in. I kept having to go back and correct mistakes because I could not quickly and accurately see what numbers were already down. (For the record, I've never had this problem with any other Sudoku games.)

3. For the first time ever, I encountered unsolvable Sudoku puzzles. I would be left with two pairs of numbers that could fit in two different ways without any conflict. The only way to find out which one was correct was to guess. Sudoku is not supposed to be about guessing!!!!!

4. The "erase all" button doesn't have a confirm. Considering it's proximity to the "erase one" button, this is a Bad Thing. I was near the end and made a whoops cuz I couldn't see the dang numbers, and instead of grabbing the "erase one," well... You get the idea. Starting all over is annoying.

5. If for some reason I felt like playing this fail Sudoku again, I had to reload the entire game over and sit through ads *again.* Why oh why isn't there a replay button like there is on every other iWon game?

So yeah.. I don't like this game one bit. Sure it's pretty, but it has more problems than any Sudoku game I've ever played. I will not waste my time on it again. But for the masochists out there, here are the final details.

iWon's Drip Drop Sudoku is a Progressive Jackpot game with a max pot of $2,000.

Reality Check:
The odds of winning the Progressive Jackpot are "no worse" than 1 in 1,000,000.
The odds of having an ER-worthy accident involving a pogo stick are 1 in 115,200.

Sadly, Drip Drop Sudoku has the best odds of winning a Jackpot thus far. But I would rather play other games.

So I shall. ^_^

Final rating: 1 star out of 5

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