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Open Discussion: What is one opportunity you believe you missed out on when you were younger.

jan30th Photo by Grazie Dayyero

I don’t really like admitting this, but for the first 16-18 years of my life I was pretty close minded. And I think I probably missed out on getting to know a lot of awesome people because I wrote them off as being “bad” people that I shouldn’t hang around.

As for the few “bad” people that I did hang around, my intent was to save them from themselves. Not necessarily a bad thing, but my focus wasn’t on really listening to them.

About two years ago I lamented to an online friend about my youthful blindness. She shared a quote with me that I’ve really taken to heart.

I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better. ~ Maya Angelou

I can’t change the past. But I can learn from it, and keep working to accept people as they are and not as what I want them to be.


Open discussion posts really ARE open for discussion. You can talk about whatever you want! The question is just to spark conversation. ^_^


In the works.


This is a brief update to let you know what’s coming soon. ^_^ I’m workin’ away, but the next few guides may be a little slow. (Sorry!) Here’s what you can expect!

  • Guide for the Slingo Daily Challenge
  • Kanji’s Adventure – Advanced Class (more tips!)
  • OODLES of stuff for the 1 year blogiversary!! ^_^
  • New prize for the February P4P prize table!

If you haven’t noticed the new calendar, take a look! You can scroll ahead to see what’s coming up in future weeks. The calendar isn’t completely finished yet, but it’s still pretty neat! You can scroll through the days and even see what February’s bonus is going to be!

I’d like to let people add birthdays to the calendar, but I haven’t thought of a safe way to do that yet. Any suggestions?

Oh, and there’s less than a week left to get the triple bonus on comments. If you’re desperate for points but don’t know what to say, check out the Open Discussion threads!

Lastly, I’ll be out of town next Monday-Tuesday, so if the site explodes or something goes wonkus and needs fixing, you’ll have to wait until my return! (No, I don’t have a 3g/4g phone. I rarely go out so I don’t even have a cell! Seriously!)

I fibbed about the last “lastly.” Tonight I scored 193k in Kanji’s Adventure. Just wanted to brag a little. *^_^*


Vector TD – To arms!!

Vector TD is a tower defense game available at Candystand. (TD = Tower Defense. I totally didn’t know that. *^_^*)

vectorlogoOoooh! Looks fancy.

There are eight different maps and they’re arranged in three difficulty levels.

switchback The Switchback map is for beginners. Like me!

Clearly this isn’t a treasure map or a you-are-here map. So what gives?

On each map you’ll face 50 waves of vectoids. Vectoids are colorful squiggles that want nothing more than to get to the finish line highlighted in red. But you don’t want them to get there! So you set up “towers” to attack and destroy them.

level38 Meanie!

Each tower has an attack range and there are different types of damage, so read up on them before you buy. (Cash is limited.)

Now, whenever a vectoid passes the red finish line you lose a life. (You start out with 20.) The surviving vectoids come right back through the green starting line to give you another chance to kill them. How nice! ^_^

There are six different vectoids and four of them have “sorta” weaknesses. (Towers the same color as them hit for 150% damage.) But the hardest/most annoying vectoid has to be the yellow spinners. >_<

yellowspinners Hey!! Get back here!!!

They are freakin’ FAST! The first time you get them you’ll probably be racing to set up more towers before the spinners reach the exit.

The hard grey vectoids also have a tag-a-long buddy. When you kill it you’ll get a bonus point. Bonus points can be used to increase your interest percentage, buy 5 lives, buy a damage boosting tower, or buy a range boosting tower. (Missiles & lasers go further. Yay!!!)

If you make it through all 50 levels, you win! Play again to try and beat your score! (My best is 4 mil.)


Tips & Tricks

1. You collect interest on how much money you have at the start of each level. If at all possible, wait to buy a tower or upgrade until the level has started.

2. Blue towers don’t have very high damage, but they slow down vectoids tremendously. Mixing blue towers with red towers (highest damage) is a deadly combination.

3. Every 5th level you’ll fight the hard grey vectoids and pick up a bonus point. I suggest putting the first point or two into interest. More $$$ = more towers!

4. You can also buy (with bonus points) items that increase tower damage. The effects stack, so place them strategically. A level 10 red rocket with doubled damage can deal out a lot of hurt!

5. Does the game feel too slow? Near the top there’s an option to auto-load each level. As soon as one wave of vectoids is gone, the next wave will start! You can turn auto on and off whenever you want. ^_^

6. You can sell towers at any point in the game. You’ll get back 75% of the cash that you put into it, which isn’t too bad.


Final Rating

I had a LOT of fun playing Vector TD, even though I died a lot. *^_^* When I finally reached level 50 I felt like I’d conquered the world! (I’d be a benevolent dictator, in case you were worried.)

However, my winning strategy uses only two types of towers! (4-5 maxed red rockets and the blue level 1 lasers.) The green and purple lasers are useless, which is disappointing.

Still, entertainment is valuable. ^_^ I’ll say this is 3.8 out of 5 stars.

What would you rate it? Do you like tower defense games? Have you ever tried them before? (I’m usually terrible at this type of game!)


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P4P Week #10 Winners & New Bonuses!

Welcome back! How did you do this past week? Points are updated each Sunday, and you can see your current score on this chart.
Remember, for January all comments are worth triple points! Now let’s get to the winners!

Best Comment – mbif

I love the new version of Hot Streak Solitaire. I've been playing pyramids-type solitaire games since I was a kid, so I was able to pick up on GV's pretty easily (I came to the same strategy conclusions you did! *proud*)
I think this guide will help a lot of people. I see a lot of GV blog comments from people who don't understand how it works, so this was definitely needed! :)


Weekly Challenge Winner

No P4P members played Super Slingo Jackpot this week. Right now our group is really  small, so always give the weekly challenge a shot! ^_^


Lucky Linkster

Once again, mbif ruled the Twitter waves and picked up 75 points for tweeting three links!




The new Double Feature Extreme is Playtopia!

The Weekly Challenge is Turnstile at IWON!


Good luck everyone! 

If you’re reading this and think I’m writing in Gallifreyan, I’m not! Points4Prizes is a really neat program here at Free2WinGames. As you can see, you get points from all sorts of things! You can turn the points in for some AWESOME prizes, including a piece of unique Gamesville art created by Nick Sherman!


Open Discussion: What do you like most about your job? What do you dislike most about your job?

jan23rd Photo by Michael Ade

Ooooh! This one is a twofer! Sneaky.

For all intents and purposes, blogging is my job. I just don’t get paid very much. *^_^* I keep doing it because I love helping others. It absolutely makes my day when someone says, “I stopped by your blog and it was really helpful! Thanks!”

Seriously, I float on cloud 10 for the rest of the day!

What do I dislike the most? That would be the constant effort at trying to build a steady readership. Free2WinGames is coming up on its 1 year anniversary, but traffic has stayed the same for probably 5 months now. That gets discouraging. :(

Whoops! Didn’t mean to leave you on a downer. *^_^* Umm… umm….

Look! A trio of Fennec foxes!

3fennecfoxes OMG!!! *Cuteness explosion*

There. Much better! ^_^


Open discussion posts really ARE open for discussion! You can talk about whatever you want. The question is just to spark conversation!


The Well Wishes Wall – Updated 1/23

wellwishesjan21stArtwork by mamapainter

Online friends are no less real than offline friends. We connect, we share and support each other, however we can! But it can be difficult keeping up with each other, especially if the only connection is through a chat room in a game.

Thus, the creation of the Well Wishes Wall. ^_^ This is primarily for Gamesville players, but anyone can contribute and comment! Really!

The Wall is divided into three sections:

  • Well Wishes – These are folks who are going through a tough time and could use some encouragement.
  • Celebrations – Happy things! Birth announcements, weddings, whatever you want to celebrate!
  • Recent Winners – These are some of the recent big winners at Gamesville! (Conspiracy theories and claims that “It’s rigged” are not welcome here, and will be removed. Remember, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!)


Well Wishes

If you have medical issues or upcoming surgery that concerns you, just leave a comment and I’ll add you to this list. Don’t forget to come back to read the well wishes people have left for you!

This isn’t limited to medical stuff, of course! Anything you need encouragement on (and feel comfortable sharing), from needing to pass a science test to working through a tough divorce, all of it is welcomed here.

You may leave a comment to share a problem that someone else is having. But before you do so, PLEASE make sure they don’t mind their problem becoming common knowledge! Bob might not want everyone to know about his vasectomy. ^_~

  • A blogger friend of mine, Jolie Roux, is currently fighting leukemia. If you leave a comment here she won’t see it, but I know she would LOVE any supportive comments left on her blog. (Link opens a new window.)



Got some great news that you can’t wait to share? Leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list! Birthdays, wedding announcements, and new family members are all things to celebrate!

And in case you were wondering, announcements of new furbabies are equally welcomed. Pictures too! ^_^ I’m working to create a public calendar to keep track of birthdays and such, but it might be a little while!

  • Congrats to AC Wilcox on the new job!


Recent Winners

I’ll post the recent big winners that Gamesville mentions on their blog, but you’re free to share your wins too! Even if it’s $2! ^_^

Some of the recent winners are:

  • Cfairin
  • Martinamar1
  • Flygirllin
  • Atufano12
  • Registertoplay
  • Tackwacky0

Congrats!! ^_^

Fair warning: Any comments that are spiteful and/or mean will be removed. It’s a standard policy at Free2WinGames.com that insulting people is never acceptable! Offending comments will be removed. Be nice!

Oh, and if you just want to chat with your friends, please head to the latest Open Discussion thread! I’d like to keep the Well Wishes Wall for encouragement and support. Thank you! ^_^


The lists are updated once a week, and a NEW Well Wishes Wall is posted once a month.

Much thanks goes to Rhonda (u-feel-me) for sparking this idea!


P4P Week #9 Winners & New Bonuses!

Welcome back! How did you do this past week? ^_^ Points are updated each Sunday, and you can see your current score on this chart.
Remember, for January all comments are worth triple points! Now let’s get to the winners!

Best Comment – lindyflowers

LOVE IT!!! Very very SMOOTH playing, not choppy at all
Thanks for the review I give it 5 stars

I’m so glad that you’re enjoying FreeSlots, Lindy!


Weekly Challenge Winner

I made a whoopsies on this one. *^_^* The particular game I picked didn’t keep the high scores from the previous week. (But other games on the same site DO keep the previous week.) I checked it a few minutes after the new scoring week started. There’s only one person who could have played, and I’m in the process of contacting her to see if she did or not.

We’ll have to go by the honor system for this one. Sorry, guys! *^_^*


Lucky Linkster

Randomizer.org picked Twitter this week, so mbif regained her Linkster title and picked up 25 points for Tweeting a link to Free2WinGames!




The new Double Feature Extreme is Gamesville!

The Weekly Challenge is Super Slingo Jackpot  at Slingo!


There are two (maybe three) new posts about Gamesville this week. They get the triple comment bonus AND the DFE bonus, which means that each comment is worth 30 points!! Don’t miss out! ^_^


If you’re reading this and think I’m writing in Gallifreyan, I’m not! Points4Prizes is a really neat program here at Free2WinGames, and as you can see, you get points from all sorts of things! You can turn the points in for some AWESOME prizes, including a piece of unique Gamesville art created by Nick Sherman!

Hot Streak Solitaire – Cards + Fire = Ash. No wait, it’s AWESOME! That’s it. ^_^


If you enjoy solitaire games, then you should totally try Hot Streak Solitaire at Gamesville! It’s based off of tri-peaks solitaire, so named because of the three peaks (or pyramids) that form the playing field.

world2And deserts are REALLY hot.

This isn’t a new game for Gamesville, but it recently got a complete makeover! Now you’re helping Poke move through the worlds. (He’s trying to get back home, poor thing!) Right now there are three worlds, but 4 & 5 are coming soon. At least, that’s what the map says. ^_^

map This map should help clear things up!

Will there be more worlds beyond that? I have no idea, but I kinda hope so.

Each world has 12 levels. Basically, when you finish a level Poke waddles a little bit across the screen. ^_^ And in order to complete a level you’ll have to clear all of the cards from the playing field. How do you do that? Well…


The Basics

If you’ve never played tri-peaks solitaire, don’t worry! This is a pretty simple game. ^_^

Each round you’ll start with 28 cards creating the pyramids, and 23 cards at the bottom that create a “deal” pile.

world1 I’m with ya so far.

There’s also one card that’s face-up in the bottom right corner. This is the discard pile, and this is where you’ll play all of your cards!

To play a card from the pyramids you just click on it, and if it’s a legal play it will automatically move to the discard pile. You can play cards that are either one step higher OR lower than the current card. For example, I could play either a 2 or a 4 on that 3 of clubs!

If you reach a point where you can’t play anything on the discard pile, click the draw pile to flip a card over. Play on the new card, if you can!

To finish a level you must remove all of the cards from the pyramids. The draw pile is just there to help you clear the level, and there’s NO penalty for having draw cards left over! However, if you run out of draw cards and you can’t play anything else, you lose the round and have to try the level again.



For each completed level you’ll get 500 GVs and 1 sweepstakes ticket. On levels 4, 8 and 12 in each world you’ll win 10 sweepstakes tickets instead of 1!

This means that if you played all the way through the (current) three worlds, you’d earn 18,000 GVs and 117 tickets!! (Once you reach the end you start back at world 1.)

The sweeps drawing occurs each day at 12 am GMT (That’s 7 pm EST.) and is for a $10 prize. The prize is automatically doubled for Gold members, which means they win $20!

If you aren’t a Gold member but you like the sound of doubled prizes, well I have good news! Non-Gold members can get double winnings for a month!

This is completely legit, btw. You can read about it on the Hot Streak Solitaire rules page. ^_^

You’ll need a business size envelope, a 3x5 index card, postage, and something to write with. (I suggest a pen.) Write ALL of the following information on the card.

  • Your full name
  • Gamesville account name
  • Your mailing address
  • Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Daytime phone number and e-mail address
Seal the card in the envelope and mail it to:

"Gamesville Hot Streak Solitaire Automatic Prize Doubler "
c/o Lycos, Inc.
100 Fifth Ave.
Waltham, MA 02451-8703

As soon as they receive your entry you'll be eligible for a doubled prize for a MONTH!! Good luck to you! ^_^


Tips & Tricks

Score doesn’t affect how many GVs you’ll get, but the player with the highest score for the day is featured on the game page!

highscores Congrats to houlygan2 & rotomojo!

I haven’t been lucky enough (yet) to be the daily high score, but I came darned close!

personalhighscoreAnd no, I didn’t photoshop that. :P

Getting a HIGH score requires two abilities:

  1. Successfully clear levels one after the other.
  2. Create long streaks of cards.

Item #1 is the most important because you carry your score from one level to the next, but only if you clear the board. The first time you can’t finish a board, your score goes right back to zero and you start over. >_< (You only start over with score! You’re still on the same level, and Poke doesn’t take a step back or anything!)

Here are two tips for clearing the board.


1. Free the masses! Pick cards that reveal the most new cards.

Often in Hot Streak Solitaire you’ll have to choose between several paths. Whenever you have to choose between two (or more) cards, pick the card that will reveal the most cards directly below it.

In the picture below we can only play a 9 on that 10. (No Jacks around.) With two 9s on the board, which should we go for?


Oooh! Oooh! I know!!! *Waves hand*

The 9 of spades will reveal two new cards, whereas the 9 of clubs will only reveal one new card. Since we want to keep options open, we should pick the 9 of spades. Most likely we’ll use the 9 of clubs in a streak, but we still should use the 9 of spades first.


2. Free the populace! Pick cards that free up the lowest tier.

Sometimes your options will all reveal the same amount of cards. When that’s the case, go for the card that’s on the lowest tier.

In the picture below we have to choose between two 10s. Both will reveal only one card.


 Mmhmm. I see!

However, the 10 of spades is on the lowest tier, which means that more cards are “trapped” by it. (Three trapped cards, vs the 10 of diamonds’ two trapped cards.) In this case, I would definitely opt for the 10 of spades.

Take time to look at what’s below each card before you pick it. You don’t want to end up with a board that looks like this! *Points down*

badmove “Uh-oh,” indeed.

That Jack has five cards pinned under it and no other cards to play off of. Even if we’re lucky and get a 10 or a Queen, it’s unlikely that we’ll get exactly what we need to clear the remaining cards.

And for the record, I lost that hand. XD

Let’s move on to streaks!

rainbowstreaks No, not hair streaks. Although… those look AWESOME!

A streak is when you play two or more cards in a row, without needing to flip a card over from the draw pile. The longer a streak is, the more points it’s worth!

I tried to figure the formula out, but I got confused. *^_^* (If someone else has figured it out, please tell me!)

In addition to the awesome points, creating a streak fills up the multiplier bar!

world3 That thing.

Once your streak is over the multiplier bar stays where it is, so you can get the bonus on the next cards you play! However, the multiplier bar empties a little for every card you pull from the draw pile. Creating a new streak will fill it up again!

To give you an idea of how powerful streaks are, I have a little story for you. ^_^ (No pic because I didn’t think to take one. So sorry!)

I got on a roll with the cards and created a streak of 18! Then I looked at my score and nearly fell out of my chair. I had over 200,000 points, and that was my first hand!!! o_O Streaks are definitely worth taking time for!

So, how do you build better streaks? Well, the first step is to stop thinking of card order as linear.  (A2345678910JQK) Instead, think of the card sequence as a circle.

circlesequenceIt looks like a clock.

It all connects! Every card has two other cards that it can be played on. And you can create streaks that move up and down. For example, you might play a streak similar to this: Q-J-Q-K-A-2-A-2-3

Here’s a simple streak for an example. We have a 3 on the discard pile and we also have a 4 and a 2 on the board. Which should we play?

buildingastreak Hmmmm….

If we play the 2 then the best streaks we could build are 2-3-4 or 2-A-K. But if we play the 4 we can make a streak that goes 4-3-2-A-K. That’s definitely the better option! And if we’re lucky, there might be cards underneath to extend the streak. *Crosses fingers*

Learning to build long streaks takes patience and practice. But you can’t forget everything that you learned about clearing the board too! If you ever have to pick between extending a streak over freeing buried cards, free the cards. The bonus points from the streak are useless if you can’t finish the board!


Final Rating

I’ll admit, I had a hard time writing about the new Hot Streak Solitaire. Why? Because whenever I sat down to play and get some pics I’d completely lose track of time. Seriously, hours would fly by before I remembered what I was supposed to do. Oops. *^_^*

So yes, I really enjoy this game! It’s addictive, easy to play, and looks great! I kinda want to finish this guide so I can play a few more rounds before bed. *Innocent whistle*

I rate Hot Streak Solitaire 5 out of 5 stars!

How about you? What would you rate it? Any tips to share? What other worlds should Poke visit?

For a glimpse of what it took to put Hot Streak Solitaire together, check out the Free2WinGames’ interview with the artist, Nick Sherman!


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Interview with the Captain of the Skies, Nick Sherman!

Yes indeedy! In honor of the recent remake of Hot Streak Solitaire at GamesvilleChris Cummings let me badger the Gamesville artist, Nick Sherman!

nickprofile He also likes to fly planes.

Mira: Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview! ^_^ I know you’re a busy man, so let’s jump right into things. Hot Streak Solitaire currently has three worlds released and two more worlds hidden in the shadows. Where did you get inspiration for each world?

Nick: Each world was a combination of both Chris’ and my imagination.  There was nothing set in stone when I started to dive into this project, we just let the ideas flow out as I created each scene.  Poke has been a character of Gamesville for a long time, so there was a lot to reference about him.  I took my inspiration from his existing appearances, and tried to create an environment that I felt he would belong in.

map Even Poke needs a map!

Mira: The current worlds look fantastic, btw. I keep spotting more details every time I play! Any idea how many images/animations are in a single world?

Nick: Each world has an array of different animations.  They each have 3 unique “You Won Sweepstakes Entries” animations, along with other background animations (such as clouds, birds, tumbleweed, fog, etc.) to make it look alive even while nothing is happening.  There are also a number of animations within Poke that are shared across all of the scenes like his walk cycle, idle animations, turning around, etc.

Mira: Wow.. So many things I never even thought about! How long did it take to create all of that?

Nick: I would have to say it took me between 2 and 3 months to complete everything.  That includes the game and all of its assets, 5 scenes (including the 2 that are coming soon), the foldout map, and one other fun feature that had yet to be revealed ;)

Mira: You’re such a tease! :P Now I want to know what the fun feature is. I guess I’ll have to be “patient,” or something like that. So, what was the process like for creating the images?

Nick: First, I make a rough sketch, on either paper or on the computer, and try to figure out where everything is going to go, and how to fit it all.  When the layout is there, I can then trace over it and clean it up.  I like to have the background and characters pretty finalized before I start animating them, so I have a clearer picture for what it will look like.  After all of the art and animation is done, I can take a step back and make sure everything is there that is supposed to be, and touch up any thing that looks a little off.  The final product tends to look much different than the initial sketch, as we’re always coming up with new ideas throughout the process.  Here are some of the original sketches for Hot Streak so you can see how much it evolved.

hssOriginalSketch1 Poke ponders how to cool off.

Mira: That’s really cool! (Pun totally intended.) What was your favorite image/animation to create?

Nick: Man, that’s a good question.  I had fun creating all of them!   If I had to pick, I would say that the barfing penguin was especially fun.  It’s not too often that your boss tells you draw a drunken penguin that throws up a fish.  I also enjoyed making the desert scene because of all of the different characters involved in it.

Mira: Yeah.. I can see why a barfing penguin might not be a common request. ^_^ What was the most challenging item to create?

Nick: I don’t want to give anything away, but I’d have to say the final level in scene 4.  Keep an eye out for it when it arrives!

Mira: Again with the teasing! :P I’ll be on the lookout when scene 4 comes out. Are there any plans for limited edition, holiday themed worlds? 

Nick: Well the great thing about this game is that more can always be more added to it.  A holiday themed world is a great idea!  There are also the 2 more scenes that we’ll be adding soon.

Mira: What’s your favorite world?

Nick: All of them!!   I do like the first world, because it was the first one that I created, and it brings me back to the beginnings of Hot Streak.

Mira: Honestly, the first world is my favorite too. It’s just so cheery! ^_^ And I think.. *flips through pictures.* Yes! Here’s the concept art you sent me for World 1.

hssCitySketch1 Idea

finishedworld1 Reality!

Mira: I love that I can see the penguin ice-cream cart that rolls in at the end. ^_^ Out of curiosity, what drinks are served at the penguin pub and may I have one?

Nick: I believe they offer shrimp martinis, krill shots, and squid beer.  Not quite my cup of tea, and I hear they’re quite pricey.

Mira: Squid beer? That sounds.. different. o_O


Not squid beer.

Mira: Back to Poke. I'm a little concerned that he went from the desert to a graveyard. Is he dead? (World 4: The Afterlife!)

Nick: Haha, no no, he just took a wrong turn somewhere.  Poor Poke is always getting in trouble.  When Franken Penguin scares Poke off to Scene 4, I think he’s going to find himself in a very strange place!

Mira: I can’t wait to see it! And now the last two questions: What's your top score in Hot Streak Solitaire? Top streak?

Nick: My high score is 498,370 and my best streak is 13.

Mira: Awesome!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions and share some of the sketches. And a big THANK YOU for contributing unique artwork as a prize in Points4Prizes! I know that whoever gets it will be really excited. ^_^


Want to learn more about Nick? You could always read his blog or check out some of his non-Gamesville art! It’s cool!


Somebody get me a blanket!

If you could interview anyone at Gamesville, who would it be? What would you ask? And in case you missed it, here’s a link to the interview with Chris Cummings!


Open Discussion: What is your favorite sound?

raindrops on a leaf Photo by Paul Sapiano

My favorite sound is the wind blowing through trees. It’s best in the spring, when the leaves are soft and the air is warm. ^_^

Well, that was an easy one! What’s your favorite sound?


Open discussion posts really ARE open for discussion! You can talk about whatever you want! The question is just to help spark conversation.


Oodles of FREE opportunities to win cash!!

Today’s post focuses on instant win games & sweepstakes hosted by our lovely free-to-win sites! (Click “Game Sites” in the menu bar to see the full list.) Some of the sites also offer progressive jackpots that you can win by playing their games, but that isn’t what we’re dealing with here. These are all instant win games or sweeps that run all year long!
The info is organized into handy-dandy tables, complete with direct links to the games so you don’t have to dig to find them. And yes, the links will pop up in a new window, so you can enter and come right back here to enter the next thing. ^_^ (Note: If you aren’t currently logged in to that site, you’ll need to log in before you can do much of anything.)
Not sure what to do with this info? Here are a few suggestions on what you could do.
  1. Use the tables as a checklist – Maximize your odds of winning by completing the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and Random Drawing tables.
  2. Improve your efficiency – If you want to focus solely on the biggest prizes or find out where you have the best chance of winning, we have tables for you too!
  3. Make sure you aren’t missing anything! – Most sites only have a handful of games or sweeps, but IWON, Gamesville and Spigo all have a LOT of ways to win things! 


If you live in the United States then you can enter all of the games/sweeps/drawings listed on this page. If you live elsewhere, please consult this list first to find out which sites you can win on! (Link opens in a new window.)
Once you do that come back here and figure out what applies to you. ^_^


  • Daily Shtuff – Sweeps, games, scratchcards and more that you can enter each day.
  • Weekly Sweeps – A new drawing occurs each week. Prizes range from $100 to $500.
  • Monthly Sweeps – A new drawing occurs each month. Prizes range from $25 to $1,000!
  • Yearly Sweeps – Only one sweeps, but it has a HUGE prize!
  • Random Drawing – Sometimes there isn’t a deadline!
  • Top Prizes – Thirteen prizes ranging from $500 to $1,000,000!
  • Best Chance to Win – Find out where you have the best chance to win something! (Note: You are never guaranteed to win. It sucks, but that’s reality!)

Daily Shtuff

These are games, scratchcards, and sweeps that you can do every day! FreeSlots is the odd one because technically it’s a monthly sweeps program. But since you can only submit 10 tickets a day, it’s better to make it part of your daily routine.
Some of the games have multiple prizes and/or winners. Please note that if you win, you’ll only get one of the prizes!! You don’t get the whole list. ^_^
Entries are organized alphabetically by site name. Clicking a game link will open up a new window so you can take care of business. Clicking a site name will take you to the Free2WinGames’ review of that site, so you can learn more about it.
Game Site Virtual Prize Real-World Prize
Monthly Sweeps
(Limited to 10 tickets per day)
FreeSlots   Ten $250 prizes
Five $500 prizes
(15 winners total)
Daily Sweeps Gamesville   $25
Frantic Fish Gamesville   $25
Hot Streak Solitaire Gamesville   $10
Pit Stop Slots Gamesville   $25
Super Chef Full Boil
(Facebook App)
Gamesville   $10
BINGO Blitz* GSN Oodles 5-10,000 Oodles +$1,000 for each day w/o a BINGO winner
(Ex: 6 days w/o a winner means a JP of $6,000!)
Daily Trivia* GSN Oodles 25-60 Oodles  
Daily Sweeps GSN Oodles   $250
Weekly Sweeps GSN Oodles   $1,000
Daily Sweeps IWON   $100
Pick 7* IWON   $100
Prize Machine
(20 spins)
IWON 500 coins
+5 spins
IWON water bottle
iPhone 3GS
Spin2Win IWON 100-1000 coins
+5 spins
IWON T-shirt
4 Green Gems for any Game KadoKado Kado Points
(earned from games)
Daily Drawing* Pogo   Two $25 prizes
One $50 prize
(Three winners)
Daily Sweeps Slingo   $50 prize
(Two winners)
Bingo Scratch* Spigo 500-25,000 Spigos  
Diamond Hunt* Spigo 50-5,000 Spigos  
Jackpot Scratch Spigo 1,000-20,000 Spigos Cash Jackpot
Max of $200
Quick Scratchcard* Spigo 50-1000 Spigos Cash Jackpot
Max of $200
Super Jackpot Spigo 1,000-2,5000 Spigos Spigo Merchandise
Super Jackpot (currently at $52k)
Zodiac Signs* Spigo (Split with partner)
500-25,000 Spigos
(Split with partner)
$20, $50, $100

*Game does not require tokens or extended play. In other words, these are quick and easy!

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Weekly Sweepstakes

Clicking the prize will open a new window for the relevant sweeps. Clicking the site name will take you to the Free2WinGames’ review of the site, so you can learn more about it if it’s a new one for ya. ^_^
Entries are arranged by… Well, since there are only four entries, I hope that you don’t need a lot of help with this one.

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Monthly Sweepstakes

Clicking the prize will open up a new window for the relevant sweeps. Clicking the site name will take you to the Free2WinGames’ review of the site, so you can learn a little more about it.
Entries are arranged alphabetically by site name.

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Yearly Sweepstakes

Super short list! ^_^ I really had to dig in to figure out why IWON lists the prize as “up to $1,000,000!” It turns out that if you win, there’s a second drawing to find out what your prize is. You have a 99 in 100 chance of winning $100,000 and a 1 in 100 chance of winning $1,000,000.
Even at $100,000 it’s still the biggest free-to-win prize that I’ve found, but I dislike the slightly deceptive wording on the site. But anywho, if you want to enter, click the “Sweeps” link below!
Method Site Prize
Sweeps IWON $100,000

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Random Drawing

Playtopia is the only contender in this category. Instead of having sweeps, they just have random drawings. You can also schedule it to buy tickets for you, which is interesting. I imagine it’s a good way to keep from missing out on a new drawing!

Clicking the game name will take you to the Playtopia ticket shop, where you buy *drumroll* tickets. ^_^

Quick Jackpot
(Blue Tickets)
Playtopia $10-$30
Extra Jackpot
(Red Tickets)
Playtopia $30-$100
Super Jackpot
(Green Tickets)
Playtopia No max
$9,195 as of 1/12/11

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Top Prizes

If you’re looking for the biggest free-to-win prizes around, this is the table for you! All of these prizes are valued at $500 or more.

When you’re looking at the prizes also look to see how often winners are picked. The time frames have a huge variety! For example, a $1000 prize might be awarded daily, weekly, monthly, or totally at random, depending on which site you visit!

Entries are organized by prize value, with the highest value prize listed at the top.

Top Prize Game Site Winner Picked
$1,000,000 Annual Sweeps IWON Once a year
$1,000,000 Pick 7 IWON Daily
$52,000 as of 1/12/11
Super Jackpot Spigo Random draw
Super Jackpot Slots
$9,195 as of 1/12/11
Super Jackpot Playtopia Random draw
$1,000 or more BINGO Blitz GSN Oodles Daily
$1,000 Weekly Sweeps GSN Oodles Weekly
(three winners)
Monthly Sweeps Slingo Monthly
$1,000 Monthly Sweeps IWON Monthly
$1,000 Monthly Sweeps Gamesville Monthly
$1,000 Spin2Win IWON Random
$500 Monthly Sweeps FreeSlots Monthly
$500 Weekly Sweeps IWON Weekly
$500 Prize Machine IWON Random

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Best Chance to Win

To figure out where you have the best chance to win a prize, I combined two aspects: website traffic and how often a winner is picked. (Traffic stats are from November 2010.)

You always have better odds with sweeps that end quickly, because people don’t have as much time to enter them. And you have better odds on smaller sites, because you have less competition overall.

Think of it this way. Slingo got 360k unique visitors in November, and they gave out 60 daily prizes in that time.

60 daily prizes / 360k visitors = 1 daily prize / 6k visitors

also known as

1 daily prize per 6,000 visitors

This sorta gives you an idea of how many people are competing for one prize. However, since we’re dealing with sweeps here, these are not the actual odds of winning!!!

The actual odds are determined by how many tickets are purchased. So! Even though I can’t give you the exact odds, I can give you an idea of how much competition you’re up against.

The Gamesville games with a single winner each day have been lumped into a daily sweeps category. The games are linked individually, of course!

Site Game Prize Prize per monthly Visitors
BugleGames Monthly Sweeps $25 Amazon certificates 1 per 500
Gamesville Daily Sweeps
Frantic Fish
Hot Streak Solitaire
Pit Stop Slots
Super Chef Full Boil
$10 (SCFB & HSS)
$25 (DS, FF & PSS)
1 per 2,240
Slingo Daily Sweeps $50 1 per 6,000
FreeSlots Monthly Sweeps $250-$500 1 per 40,500
GSN Oodles Daily Sweeps $250 1 per 67,000
Gamesville Weekly Sweeps $100 1 per 84,000
Slingo Weekly Sweeps
Merchandise Sweeps
$200 1 per 90,000
Slingo Monthly Sweeps $1,000 1 per 120,000

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That’s everything! I’m going to bookmark this page in the wibiya toolbar, so I can go through my daily shtuff quicker. ^_^


Find a dead link or a free-to-win sweeps game that I missed? Leave a comment and I’ll check it out. Thanks!


Crossword – The Mathematics of Loooove (What? It’s a song! Kids these days..)

If you’ve been hankering for a free-to-win crossword puzzle, well I have good news! Spigo recently added Crossword to their repertoire of games. ^_^

crossword Neat!

Generally I’m not very good with crossword puzzles, but I enjoy this one! As you can see from the picture, the clues are a mix of icons and phrases. Words are spelled across, and downwards. Never backwards or diagonal!

wordoverlap Hah! You said “bottom!” ^_^

Every now and then when you’re entering in a word, a letter will fly to the “Magical Word” section.

magicalword Ta-da!!

By the time you finish the puzzle, the Magical Word will be complete! It isn’t an anagram so it’s not like you’ll have to rearrange anything. To be honest, I haven’t been keeping track of the magic words. *^_^* If it turns out that combining them will lead you to treasure, well, I’ll be a little miffed at myself. (The words seem pretty random, so I don’t think they really lead to any treasure. But wouldn’t that be awesome?!)

Of course, you also get a Jackpot Spin when you finish the puzzle!


Most likely you’ll get just Spigos, but there’s always the chance to win the progressive jackpot! ($200 max)

Alas, you can only get a Crossword jackpot spin once a week. Why? Because each week they come out with a new puzzle, and you can’t redo any of the older puzzles. :(

Part of me would like the chance to do multiple puzzles, but I semi-understand why there’s only one puzzle out at a time. It wouldn’t be hard for someone to copy the finished puzzles and have the answers out for all to see. Newer players would have a HUGE advantage since they could just breeze through the puzzles and pick up several jackpot spins in a short amount of time.

So we’ll all just have to be patient. ^_^


Tips & Tricks

I’m not a trivia buff, so I end up doing a LOT of research on the net for each new puzzle. Here are a few tips and resources that have helped me!

1. Roman Numerals

Sometimes you’ll get a clue that says “50” and there’s only one letter in the solution. That means it’s a roman numeral! The basics are:

  • 1 = I
  • 5 = V
  • 10 = X
  • 50 = L
  • 100 = C
  • 500 = D
  • 1,000 = M

If you never learned how roman numerals work then you should REALLY watch this video. ^_^ You’ll be singin’ all day!

Square One is AWESOME!!!


2. Rhymezone.com

You probably don’t know this, but on rare occasion I write poetry. And years ago I found the awesomeness that is Rhymezone.com! In addition to rhymes (which you don’t need in a crossword) you can also look up synonyms and related words!

It’s quite useful. ^_^ You could also use Dictionary.com, but I’ve had better luck using Rhymezone for Crossword.


3. Wikipedia.org

When it comes to historical, geographical, or literary clues, Wikipedia is fabulous! One time the clue was “Russian river,” and Wikipedia had a complete list of every river in Russia. I just had to look until I found one that fit!


4. IMDb.com – The Internet Movie Database

Got a clue listing only an actor’s last name? IMDb can help! Do a search for the last name and see what works.


5. Google it!

This is a broader search pattern, and you may have to try a few different searches to find the answer.



Final Rating

I’ve played several Crossword puzzles now, and it’s a lot of fun. ^_^ It takes more time than most games, so I have to be in the right mood to enjoy it. But when I am.. it’s AWESOME!

Oh! If you don’t have enough time to finish the puzzle, it will save your progress until the next puzzle comes out. You don’t have to leave the browser open!

I’m rating this one 5 out of 5 stars. It’s fun and different and did I mention fun yet? ^_^

What would you rate it? Do you know of any other free-to-win crossword puzzles?


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